How to Encourage Customer Reviews

When it comes to converting casual customers into eager buyers, one tactic can help prompt shoppers to action: customer reviews. While it might feel like a difficult task, the benefits outweigh [...]

3 Leading Customer Experience Tools

If you want your business to grow, you should think about how you want your audience to grow with you. That means you simply can’t let them lag – you need to keep them engaged with your [...]

Here’s Why Nostalgia Marketing Works

There is no doubt in the fact that nostalgia is one of the many emotions that all human beings experience. As a fully-functioning society, we all have memories that revisit us from time to time [...]

Top 4 Sales Tricks Of Today

The business world is getting more competitive with each passing day. Now it’s not about who can sell the most; it’s all about who can sell the smartest. We’re here to tell you some good news: [...]

Loyal Customers & Your Bakery

Whether your humble bakery has been on the map for years or has just started its journey, one simple fact remains unchanged: your business is made for the customer, and by the customer. What do [...]

Best CRM Secrets Finally Revealed

As a businessman, there is one thing on your mind: growth. While that particular goal seems pretty straightforward, the actual path leading to that can be long, tumultuous, and exhausting. [...]

10 CRM Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Businesses may find it easy to reign in new customers – but when it comes to retaining them for the long run, it proves difficult. We can’t blame the business owner for this – after [...]

5 Best Ways To Measure Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is supposed to be something that’s intangible – something you can’t measure with numbers or a unit. While that’s true in personal relations, the truth is different in the business [...]

How To Plan The Best CRM Strategies

Technology has successfully automated many business functions, ranging from analytics to inventory management. It has even stepped into the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and [...]

Harnessing Behavioural Psychology For Your Benefit

Behavioural psychology is – as the name suggests – the study of the human behaviour. On the surface level, it doesn’t seem like much; in fact, it seems like something most [...]

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