Improve Restaurant Sales Even During Ramadan

We all welcome the holy month of Ramadan with open arms, where Muslims from all parts of the world fast. worship and feast as one. Because of that, it changes the dynamic for restaurants [...]

Fight Or Flight: How To Prepare For Economic Recession

When it comes to a capitalist economy, it’s pretty prevalent – and pretty unpredictable. You never really know when the stock market could crash and send your business reeling into an [...]

Rebrand Your Company The Right Way

“Rebranding” has many forms: changing the logo, overall colour palate, or even changing the company’s entire philosophy. In any case, the fundamental outcome doesn’t change: to change your [...]

Recipe Management: The Next Best Thing

For a restaurant, smart marketing and clever strategies don’t always confirm success. The only way a restaurant can gain popularity is by serving food loved by the masses – meals prepared [...]

Revive Your Stagnant Business Before It’s Too Late

The business world is fast, ever-evolving, and extremely competitive. In a world as dynamic as ours, stagnation is a recipe for disaster. Its a problem most small business owners suffer from when [...]

Build A Business Plan For Your Bakery

The thought of starting a business is something that has crossed the minds of many. For them, the thought might have even turned into attempts at becoming reality – but for very few does [...]

Power Of Colour: How It Can Impact Your Restaurant

Let’s state the facts, first: there is definitely power in colour. Whether you want to believe in its spiritual aspect or its more realistic approach, the fact of the matter is simple: colours [...]

Get Tasteful Results For Your Coffee Shop With Analytics

When you think of the word analytics, you might think: “numbers I’ll surely gloss over”. And although this might have been the case before you were running your own coffee shop, now things are [...]

Accounting Software For Restaurants: Why It Matters

Kick-starting your own restaurant can be quite the challenge; apart from having good food, good ambiance, and good employees, you also need to have good accounting practices. The reason for that [...]

POS Reports Your Restaurant Should Focus On

There is no denying one fact: modern point of sale (POS) systems are designed to help restaurants flourish in the industry. With interesting features like inventory management, accounting [...]

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