Use Feedback To Transform Your Coffee Shop

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When you think about transforming your humble coffee shop, you might think of investing a lot of your precious time, energy and money to get something actionable in the long-run.

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that complicated – not when you have your customers!

In today’s world, customers have finally realized the role they play in contributing to a business’s success, simply by transacting with them. As a result, they are now more open to sharing feedback, which you can use to take your coffee shop to the next level.

Lucky for you, we’ve got some great tips to share:

Focus On The Missing Zing In Your Products

Your products might be either painfully average or exceptionally well – but there will always be some room for improvement. Noticing the chinks in your armor can be quite tough – which is why customer feedback helps immensely.

When you give your customers the chance to review your product and share their thoughts, they get to share some smaller inconsistencies or imperfections that might have slipped past your radar. That way, you get a more critical view of your product as a whole, and hence strive to improve it even more.

Find Hidden Potential To Branch Out

Your area of expertise is coffee – but what if you could branch out and try something more?

Of course, thinking of ways to accomplish that on your own can be hectic, which is why customer feedback helps so much. If you keep on engaging with your customers – especially the loyal, lingering ones! – you may find them dropping advice on other services you could provide: maybe someone was thinking of a mini-bookstore in your coffee shop, or maybe one customer liked the idea of selling flowers with every cup of coffee served – the possibilities are endless! Such feedback from your customers might sound like an in-the-moment deal, but in reality, taking note of their words can help you find the hidden potential in your own business – and eventually gain a leading edge in the race to success.

Experiment With Your Store’s Design

Your cafe’s star might be the ideal cup of fresh, warm coffee – but you should never take aesthetics for granted!

Customer feedback can help you understand what’s missing in your shop’s design because they experience your business from an outsider’s perspective. So don’t limit their surveys to just the food; ask them about the store’s design, and how they might’ve found it comfortable – do they think the lighting is too dim? Do they think the music is too loud? Do they think the furniture is too cluttered or old for their taste? Be bold and transparent, and you’ll get the same kind of input in return. After that, don’t hesitate to experiment a little – all customers look forward to pleasant surprises!

Learn New Ways To Give Back

Many parts make up a fully-functioning business, but perhaps the most important aspect you can improve on are ways to reward loyal customers.

In the end, it is your customers that are driving your sales and helping you stand out from the crowd. That’s why you must reward your customers in new, exciting ways. So try sharing limited-time offers and special deals, and see how they respond; you can then take it up a notch by giving them gifts in exchange for their loyalty, like free meals or surprise promotions. Another great trick is to use a Loyalty Program, like the one offered by Oscar POS. Its rewarding system allows your customers to feel valued and appreciated with every purchase they make, thereby building a strong sense of loyalty and communion with your humble cafe.

The coffee shop industry can be competitive, but there are many ways you can transform your business. And feedback happens to be the best, most creative way!

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