Encourage Customer Bonuses


Special rewards lead to promising customers.

Customer incentives and digital rewards drive consumer behaviour to encourage overall spending and result in repeat business with a platform that rewards for social referrals as well.

Discounts and Refunds

Embrace new customers with
an increasingly productive loyalty program


Measure the results

Customers in loyalty program are to return twice as often.


Reporting and Analytics

Know your customer’s health and loyalty status through detailed insights and weekly progress reports.


Data integration

Oscar Loyalty Program integrates with your customers and sales data, keeping a track of all key metrics.


Build customer databases easily

Skyrocket your business with Oscar POS by adding new customers. Secure customer details during checkouts and with options directing receipt emails.

  • Reward Program
  • Business Customization
  • Loyalty Emails
  • Customer Details
  • Customer feedback app
  • Customer Relationship Management

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  • Oscar worked perfectly for our mart operation across multiple Shell Select stores. We needed POS software that would provide visibility into operations, and help us manage multiple locations. The depth of analytics and insights provided by Oscar’s dashboard and mobile app are unparalleled to anything else available in Pakistan.

    Junaid K Director - Panda Retail
  • Oscar’s provided us such flexibility and peace of mind that we’re able to open up a second location.

    Shehzad W COO - Alpha Retail
  • It’s perfect for a fashion boutique like ours that needed robust capabilities on a reasonable budget. It has helped us cut down on excess inventory and improved the way we run our operations.

    Vishal B Owner, Riccado
  • "The Retailer App has been a game-changer for our store operations. It allows our retailers to procure directly from us, eliminating the need for physical sales operations. Saddar’s stock management tools and sales data analysis features provide us with valuable insights, enabling us to make informed decisions. The instant online payment options and integrated wallet make transactions smooth and hassle-free. Their solutions have significantly improved our efficiency and is an essential tool for our retail business."

    - Unilever Pakistan
    - Unilever Pakistan

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