ex-Devaj, ex-Technosys and ex-CIS customers switched to Oscar using our easy 2-step switch framework. We will make sure your data transfers fully so you business doesn't miss a step

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Here is a detailed list of key features you need in a point of sale. See the comparison below to make the right decision based on data and features. Now you know, why the best companies choose Oscar to run their business

Main Features
end to end inventory system
centralized multi-store system
purchase order management
predictive purchasing
item import tool
dynamic recipe management
custom reorder points
ecommerce integration (WordPress, shopify, etc)
works online & offline – cloud & onsite
complete omni-channel solution
automated franchise management
holistic reports & deep data analytics
customer management (crm)
quickbooks integration
employee management
integrated customer loyalty program
customer feedback
open apis & custom integrations
real-time data updates
fanatical support – 1:1 on-boarding and 24/7 support

Switching to Oscar POS isn't just about the product.
It's about everything

Run your business
online & offline

Oscar is the most powerful online & offline POS to sell your products in-store & on-the-go using any device, for any outlet, anywhere. With Oscar your system never goes down, even when the internet is down. Yet, with active sync all your reports and data are available on the go on your phone

Oscar comes with end-to-end
inventory management

We know inventory management is critical to minimize theft and pilferage. Also, it is important to ensure your customers always find what they are looking for. We provide end-to-end inventory management, so you never have to worry about losing stock or losing customers

Consumption management
that works

We know Consumption / Recipe Management is hard. We know everyone offers it, but unfortunately no one can use it. Oscar’s Consumption Management & Recipe Management has been designed from the ground up to be easy and accurate. Some of the best entrepreneurs use Oscar to ensure they have a complete and accurate view of their business, from purchasing raw items to a delivering the finished product

Scale your systems with
your business

Oscar POS grows with your business. Easily add multiple stores and cash registers to your account when you need them. With Oscar POS, your retail stores, website, products, customers, and orders are automatically synced everywhere

Fanatical support,
7 days a week

Your goal is similar to ours, make customers happy. We don’t charge up front fees, installation charges or support fees. You trust us to deliver a great product and a great service. We do just that with free training and support via phone, email, and Whatsapp