It’s the Master of all Trades

    Inventory is the backbone of your business. Therefore, Oscar has flawlessly
    integrated all the benefits of good inventory management within its Point of
    Sale (POS) system. Sell in bulk or individually – and track product performance
    directly through Oscar’s user-friendly dashboard. Gain insights on your best
    selling products, and make profitable business moves.

    • Reduced manual processes
    • Real-time inventory updates
    • Track & sell popular products
    • Avoid tedious inventory recounts

    Sync sales with stock

    Maintain accurate stock levels through automatic updates – even while you’re doing sales.


    Ensure Customer Happiness

    Give your customers a memorable experience. Use Oscar’s CRM System to stock products you know the people will love.


    Effortless Organization

    Track and report items that are dusty, damaged or that you no longer need in your inventory.

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    Good Words Good People

    • Oscar worked perfectly for our mart operation across multiple Shell Select stores. We needed POS software that would provide visibility into operations, and help us manage multiple locations. The depth of analytics and insights provided by Oscar’s dashboard and mobile app are unparalleled to anything else available in Pakistan.

      Junaid K Director - Panda Retail
    • Oscar’s provided us such flexibility and peace of mind that we’re able to open up a second location.

      Shehzad W COO - Alpha Retail
    • It’s perfect for a fashion boutique like ours that needed robust capabilities on a reasonable budget. It has helped us cut down on excess inventory and improved the way we run our operations.

      Vishal B Owner, Riccado

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