Create a Flourishing Customer Community from Scratch

In our current day and age, consumers are becoming increasingly empowered, and expect customer service to be as good as the product they want to buy. In most cases, no matter how good your [...]

Turn Customer Feedback into an Acquisition Strategy

After you’ve conducted surveys for all your customers to complete, and have received all results, you’re left asking one question: now what? The answer to that lies in your acquisition strategy. [...]

Care for your Customers with CRM

A retailer builds a brand solely for the customer – to fulfil their needs, and to keep them happy. Customer satisfaction decides how successful a retail business will be – the more [...]

The 4 Evils: Things Beauty Salon Owners should never do

Do you want to open your own beauty salon, and establish yourself within this booming beauty industry? We wouldn’t be surprised if that idea has ever popped in your mind. With the increasing [...]

How to Read your Customer’s mind

When you read that title, you might think, “Should that even be a question for an entrepreneur?” The answer to that – sadly – is yes. You’d be surprised to see how many entrepreneurs [...]

Future of Fashion: Updated trends for your boutique

There’s no industry out there quite volatile and nimble like the fashion industry. With ever-changing trends and ever-changing sentiments, your store always has to act at the speed of light, [...]

Customer Profiling: the Next Best Thing for your Business

When we figure out how to run a business, we often forget who we are running it for – our customers. This can be seriously detrimental, considering that your customers are the ones funding [...]

The Perfect CRM System

CRM – or Customer Relationship Management – is a system that improves your company’s relationships with customers. You can improve interaction with existing customers, find new [...]

Make Customer Relationships Last Longer

Consumers are quite confident – one moment they’ll support your brand, but as soon as they lose interest, they will switch over to another vendor. You can’t blame them – they only [...]