Expert Tips to Engineer a Great Retail Experience

The products that are displayed in your retail store speak for themselves and that’s all the experience your customers need. The joy and delight of interacting with the incredible items that line [...]

How Customer Reviews Can Help Push In-Store Sales

When you hear someone mention “customer reviews,” you probably think about the comments and product ratings on websites and online stores. But enterprising retail brands increasingly are looking [...]

How Customer Reviews Help a Business

Customer reviews are an important part of a business that entrepreneurs need to look at. When you hear someone mention ‘customer reviews,’ you probably think about the comments and product [...]

How To Deal With Negative Reviews

Our age is the age where customers are empowered to not only contribute to all types of businesses but also have their voices heard. And yes, this isn’t reduced to just good reviews – we’re [...]

Use Feedback To Transform Your Coffee Shop

When you think about transforming your humble coffee shop, you might think of investing a lot of your precious time, energy and money to get something actionable in the long-run. We’re here to [...]

Improve Your Client’s Experience At The Table

Running a restaurant is a lot more than just serving warm food on a plate – you need to make sure that the customer you’re serving is also having a great time! In essence, that is what the [...]

How To Connect With Your Customers

Your capital might be the backbone of your business, but it’s your customers who drive it to success. And if you want your customers to keep on coming back for more, you can’t just rely on [...]

Create a Flourishing Customer Community from Scratch

In our current day and age, consumers are becoming increasingly empowered, and expect customer service to be as good as the product they want to buy. In most cases, no matter how good your [...]

Turn Customer Feedback into an Acquisition Strategy

After you’ve conducted surveys for all your customers to complete, and have received all results, you’re left asking one question: now what? The answer to that lies in your acquisition strategy. [...]

Care for your Customers with CRM

A retailer builds a brand solely for the customer – to fulfil their needs, and to keep them happy. Customer satisfaction decides how successful a retail business will be – the more [...]

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