Turn Customer Feedback into an Acquisition Strategy

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After you’ve conducted surveys for all your customers to complete, and have received all results, you’re left asking one question: now what?

The answer to that lies in your acquisition strategy. Once you’ve put in input, you’re going to start expecting output – the time, energy and money you invest in marketing strategies like emails, surveys and advertisements need to create returns in some positive way.

Fortunately, here we have a basic rundown of how you can turn customer feedback into a profitable strategy for your business.

Define key metrics

If you want to use customer feedback to turn your business around, you need to know your focus points. Gather important stakeholders, sit down, and go through all the metrics you record. Pick out the ones you think impact your business the most, and pay attention to them. From here on out, you need to make sure whatever strategy you choose positively affects those key metrics.

Don’t waste time

The feedback you get from customers is essentially their feelings based on experiences – and feelings can change. Don’t let valuable input from your customers’ point of view grow stale and dusty with disuse. Within an hour after your survey ends, you should huddle in with your employees and immediately start studying them. At this point, you and your employees should be completely open – share any idea, any trend you notice, and jot them down.

Don’t forget to take input from your employees! They’re the front-side of your business’s customer service, and know from first-hand experience what customers do and do not like. Be mindful of their experiences as well while you all share thoughts and ideas among each other.

Organisation is key

After all the information has been dealt with, start using your ideas to create doable goals. Number them from most effective to least, and continue to flesh them out so that their finish line becomes clearer than ever!

This can become easier once you compile your data, so that you’re not left to deal with a jumbled pile of information overload. What if you had a system that organised everything for you?

For that, you have the ultimate POS machine: Oscar.

It’s integrated customer feedback system lets you send out customisable questionnaires with ease; and after that’s complete, it also sends you survey reports on the user-friendly Oscar Dashboard. This keeps everything automated, organised, and efficient for you to analyse.

Be the voice of your customers

Now comes the part where you have to turn your customers’ thoughts into reality – and the only way you can do that is by embodying their voice. After all, their purchases give you profit and success at the same time. Give them what they deserve; this can be in the form of targeted advertisements, or promotional content. You can use customer profiles to pick their preferences, and add a touch of personalisation!

However, as much as customers like seeing their favourite products, they also appreciate good behaviour – anyone would love interacting with someone who listens to their requests. Here is where employees play their part.
Inform them of how conscientious efforts, responsible mannerisms and even a simple smile can do wonders to give customers a great, lasting impression. Let them know that they are the faces of your business’s customer service, and hence need to be at their best. Customer retention works the best when you capture their interests and their sentiments.

Surveys shouldn’t be done just for the sake of it – they should be done for the sole purpose of noting customer sentiments, and improving wherever your business falters. The only way that can be done is when you have established a mechanism that converts thoughts into concrete plans; this system should be fast, efficient, transparent, and should lead to exponential growth in the end.

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