Build A Business Plan For Your Bakery

The thought of starting a business is something that has crossed the minds of many. For them, the thought might have even turned into attempts at becoming reality – but for very few does [...]

The Truth Behind Pakistan’s “Silicon Gali”

“Silicon Gali” is a word Pakistani entrepreneurs have come to use to allude to the legendary Silicon Valley – i.e. a region where tech startups are born, and tech giants like [...]

Here’s Why It’s Time You Upgrade Your POS

When you’re running your business, you’ve got a lot of things on your mind. When there are too many responsibilities wanting to be managed all at once, your quality of work changes from “the best [...]

4 Inventory Management Myths – Exposed!

Inventory management is considered to be one of the major pillars of a successful, self-sufficient business. It is the point where production meets demand – it fuels your business with [...]

5 Facts About The Restaurant Industry You Never Knew

The restaurant industry is a vast playing field, with competitors up against one another. Whether it’s quick-service, fine-dining, or café, every kind of restaurant has one goal in mind: growth. [...]

How Retail Stores Are Adapting for 2019

With the world finally entering 2019, we face a truly dynamic era, where the digital world has transformed all aspects of life – including retail businesses. In fact, the retail world saw a [...]

Cognitive Intelligence For Businesses: A Smart Move?

Cognitive Intelligence has taken the technology world by storm, being a great topic of conversation among tech-savvy people. Even more alarming, however, is how it has become a popular buzzword [...]

Cloud-based POS system: Yay Or Nay?

Cloud computing has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Fairly recently, it has also stepped into the business world, and has incorporated into point of sale (POS) systems – [...]

Why Email Marketing Matters

As an entrepreneur running your own business, you’re often on a quest to find ways to interact with your customers. Social media is usually the default option, since its so widely accessible [...]

Eye on the Prize: How To Stay Focused As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs because they think differently; where others stick to the same methods to get a solution, entrepreneurs step way out of the box and come up with their own ideas. [...]

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