Improve Your Client’s Experience At The Table

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Running a restaurant is a lot more than just serving warm food on a plate – you need to make sure that the customer you’re serving is also having a great time!

In essence, that is what the hospitality industry is all about: giving people a memorable experience through their services. And that extends way beyond just good food. It also includes making your customers feel special at your premises.

So how do you value your client’s experience at the table? Here are 3 smart rules to follow:

Provide The Right Kind Of Ambience

Whether your restaurant is family-oriented, fine-dining or even funky and fresh – make sure you provide your customers with the best ambiance, so that they expect the best meal.

There’s a lot of freedom with the kind of decor you can pick, but make sure it suits the overall theme of your restaurant. Nobody likes clutter, so always go for the “less is more” approach. Your choice of furniture should be modern, high-quality yet functional – nobody wants to sit on a wobbly chair!

Don’t be afraid to experiment; play around with the lighting, table arrangements, background music – and even the menu card designs – so that you get a better idea of what suits your restaurant’s concept. Make sure the choice you land is something that your customers can feel and enjoy as soon as they enter your restaurant.

Have Active & Engaging Employees

Your employees are the ones your customers have to interact with directly – so in a way, they represent your entire business. Therefore, it is important that your staff is wholeheartedly committed to providing your customers with a great experience.

And how they can do that? By being engaging!

This can be done in many ways; for starters, an employee should greet the customer with a smile, and guide them to the best seat. They should be active and responsive, especially during times when the customer might have some queries. A great employee approach is to point out specials or popular menu items so that your customer feels special. You can take it a step further, and allow them to suggest limited-time offers and money-saving deals. And at the very end, always ask for feedback, so that the customer realizes that you value their input. All such tactics show an air of dedication among your employees, which customers appreciate; they will feel valued and extra-special dining at your restaurant.

Make The Most Of Customer Suggestions

The worst thing you can do in the hospitality industry is to take your customers’ words for granted; after all, the input they give after interacting with your business has immense potential to transform your business for the better.

So after your customer is done enjoying their meal, have them share their feedback to you, whether it’s through a survey or simply by conversation. (Pro tip: as the owner, being part of the feedback loop is a great way to show dedication from your side!)

After that, analyze their input with your team, and discuss it together; is it pointing out a flaw in your system, or merely an improvement? Was there something wrong in their experience, or did something slip past your attention? Answer all such questions – and more – with your team, so that you get a better idea of what’s missing in your customer service. Then, build actionable goals based on your customers’ advice, and make sure they’re implemented in a timely manner. The changes could be as major as mixing up the decor, or something as minor as placing a bowl of crackers 5 minutes after a customer is seated. Little things matter, because you’re showing your customers that their words are valuable and appreciated!

A great way you can get started is with top-notch customer experience – and for that, you have cloud-based POS systems. In fact, Oscar POS has a Customer Feedback System, which lets you conduct questionnaires and surveys to record feedback easily. Along with transparent communication, you also get exclusive features like Loyalty Program, Net Promoter Score, and much more.

A customer’s main motive behind visiting restaurants is to enjoy a good meal with good company. All you’ve got to do is give them a memorable experience!

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