Here’s Why Your Store Needs A Credit System

No matter how many ideal business models you study at school, the real deal is never ideal; in reality, the business world has many obstacles, and twice as much competition to beat. In fact, [...]

Fight Or Flight: How To Prepare For Economic Recession

When it comes to a capitalist economy, it’s pretty prevalent – and pretty unpredictable. You never really know when the stock market could crash and send your business reeling into an [...]

How To Plan The Best CRM Strategies

Technology has successfully automated many business functions, ranging from analytics to inventory management. It has even stepped into the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and [...]

Harnessing Behavioural Psychology For Your Benefit

Behavioural psychology is – as the name suggests – the study of the human behaviour. On the surface level, it doesn’t seem like much; in fact, it seems like something most [...]

Bonus Points: Why Loyalty Programs Work

Its 2019, and to say that the consumer world is becoming steadily self-aware would be an understatement: not only are people aware of their influence on a business, but also expect good treatment [...]

How Grocery Stores Reach Their Customers’ Hearts

Business growth: that is a goal every kind of retail business has etched into their agenda. Their presence exists simply because they want to grow. Grocery stores have the same idea as well, [...]

What Consumers Really Want From Retailers

In the bigger picture, we often assume that customers want nothing more than their products coming at them cheap and fast. Though it’s logical, it’s also far from the truth. In reality, customers [...]

Let Your Bookstore Embrace Technology

With the rise of technology, there has been an overwhelming convenience of resources such as books. A few taps of the screen is all it takes to purchase an e-book version of your favourite read, [...]

Speedy Checkouts: The New Norm

When customers walk into a retail store, they expect a complete, memorable experience, with little to no hassles. And although a dedicated retailer tries their best to check all the requirements [...]

7 Retail Facts you need to know

The retail industry is big and bustling; there are tons of products you can buy from suppliers and sell for a profit. Cars, clothes, furniture, food – the types of retail stores open to the [...]

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