How to Craft a Loyalty Program Your Customers Won’t Ignore

Customer loyalty programs have been a mainstay in the retail marketing world for some time now. They’ve helped retailers achieve multiple milestones, and they’re successful for a few reasons. For [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Invoices for Your Retail Business

An invoice is a document you send to collect money owed to you for services you’ve provided or items you’ve sold. Essentially, an invoice is a bill that shows a specific order’s supplier, [...]

How to Turn Brand Awareness Into Retail Sales

Turning a potential customer’s brand awareness into a sale essentially means you’re helping them move their way down the conversion funnel. So, if you’ve recently received some exposure that [...]

Store Audits: How You Can Complete One Efficiently

Whether your retail business operates one location or a dozen, store audits are an effective way to monitor how you’re doing. From examining the effectiveness of your displays, keeping your [...]

How Tracking Customer Purchases Can Help You Make More Sales

Many retailers focus on looking forward and seeking new, fresh ways to make more sales. But it’s easy to get lost in the possibilities because there are countless things you could try. It’s hard [...]

Tips for Training Your Employees on a New POS

There are many reasons why retailers may want to switch their point-of-sale (POS) system. The right POS solution can unlock a more satisfying experience for customers in-store and online. [...]

How to Encourage Customer Reviews

When it comes to converting casual customers into eager buyers, one tactic can help prompt shoppers to action: customer reviews. While it might feel like a difficult task, the benefits outweigh [...]

Choosing the Right Point of Sale System.

Many retailers put a lot of their time, focus, and resources into finding ways to generate more sales. After all, more sales means more revenues. And more revenues provide more opportunity for [...]

POS Strategies That Increase Sales

As a retailer, you know that your point-of-sale (POS) system is more than just a tool to process transactions; but rather an asset to help your business improve both profit and operations. With [...]

How To Promote Your Business on Social Media

Getting started with social media can feel overwhelming for small businesses. But you don’t need to rack up millions of followers or have a brilliant brand campaign to make effective use of these [...]

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