Must-Have Features for a Vape Shop POS System

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Vaping has set foot for eternal success as an increasingly popular alternative solution to smoking cigarettes, forcing many entrepreneurs to start vape stores. But only because the practice fascinates consumers, this doesn’t mean a vape shop will be a spontaneous success. Vape business owners need to be proactive to take this business sky-high, and a vape shop POS system provides the required head-start to the business. It includes the following elements:


eCommerce Capabilities 

Not all consumers who like vaping are comfortable with or are willing to, shopping in stores for the product. Some would rather prefer online. Vape store owners can easily tap into the profitable e-commerce market while simultaneously running physical stores. 

A vape shop POS system that can accommodate transactions from both traditional storefronts as well as on e-commerce sites is a prerequisite. Even the stores that aren’t quite ready to set up e-commerce now should choose a vape shop POS system with online sales integration to save precious time when it’s the right moment to initiate.


Wide Assortment of Products and Accessories 

Boosting sales means holding the largest possible range of vape juice, in a broad spectrum of nicotine levels, flavors, and bottle sizes. It also makes it mandatory to offer an ample variety of vaping accessories. This is why you should choose a vape shop POS that enables you to keep a track of these individual SKUs and curtails the process of completing transactions in-store.


Ease of Use 

Vape shop customers won’t be wasting time at the front counter, waiting for personnel to locate the products they want on the POS system. Even cashiers don’t like wrestling with increasingly long queues of buyers who are displeased because it’s taking too long to close one sale of a particular flavor of juice in the proper size container and nicotine level. A simple touchscreen or tablet-based POS system with a navigable interface and drill-down menus eliminates such hassles by assisting employees through the list of products available currently. Any employee will then be able to process each sale without any error and in-depth knowledge of the POS system.


Easy, Flexible, and Smart Inventory Management 

As we said, the vape shop POS should simplify the tracking of different SKUs. And, it should allow for the tracking of bulk juice supplies simultaneously. Moreover, to ensure that vape stores have the right products available to consumers, at the right time and in the right quantities, the POS system should be set to configure automatic processing of re-orders when the store is running out of supplies.

While emerging trends and regulations may change the way these businesses operate, vaping is a fashion that will stay here for long. A vape shop POS system with suitable features will lead your business towards success in this growing market.

Vape shop owners should be aware of the essential ingredients that should be present in their POS system to drive a successful business. With Oscar’s vape shop POS, you will be on the right path. 

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