FBR Signs an MoU to Integrate POS System

As prime authorities in Pakistan move towards the idea of “Digital Pakistan” to facilitate citizens nationwide, the Federal Board of Revenue has also decided to introduce a new Electronic Device [...]

Must-Have Features for a Vape Shop POS System

Vaping has set foot for eternal success as an increasingly popular alternative solution to smoking cigarettes, forcing many entrepreneurs to start vape stores. But only because the practice [...]

Dark Kitchen – The New Virtual Restaurant

The trend of food delivery around the world introduced an entirely new concept called the dark kitchen. While the majority of consumers order their meal through third-party delivery services like [...]

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Online Ordering Systems

The technology-driven era has completely changed the landscape of brick-and-mortar stores. Today, due to the unexpected growth in the e-commerce industry, so many businesses are looking for the [...]

How Does Online Ordering Help Businesses?

The coming age of the restaurant businesses has a square relationship with online ordering. With new food delivery services popping up each day, restaurateurs have to find a way to compete with [...]

Major Challenges for Entrepreneurs During COVID-19

The continuous disruption of the Coronavirus outbreak has threatened the livelihood of so many entrepreneurs and small business owners. According to a recent survey from Goldman Sachs, nearly [...]

Increasing Demand for Online Ordering Systems

Online ordering is a silver bullet that gives you a competitive advantage against the most challenging players in the industry. As of now, its significance has grown more than ever as the [...]

Opportunities for Businesses in COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a global lockdown and has its strings attached in every industry around the world. Therefore, we suggest you look around and analyze the opportunities that [...]

Protect Your Business in Coronavirus Outbreak

You probably know about the deadly Coronavirus spreading across the world. So, unless you are living in a dream (which doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now), gear up. Businesses are seeing a [...]

Reset Your Business In The Wake Of Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus – begun at the end of 2019 and declared a pandemic on 11 March 2020 – still seems impossible to contain. The highly contagious COVID-19 is quickly [...]

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