5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Online Ordering Systems

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The technology-driven era has completely changed the landscape of brick-and-mortar stores. Today, due to the unexpected growth in the e-commerce industry, so many businesses are looking for the answer to how they can survive. Staying ahead of customer trends, fashion, and buying patterns is critical for survival and, here at Oscar, we have a firm belief that online ordering systems are the way forward.

In this article, you will find out five reasons why your business needs an online platform to maintain its competitive edge in this advanced world.


Set Your Revenue on Fire

Buying doesn’t only happen in-store, customers are buying on phones, at computers, and on tablets. By providing online platforms you are allowing customers to purchase on their time/schedule. Average online footfall and sales are generally higher in numbers than in-store because websites can personalize their popular and dud items to ensure that online baskets of the customers are full.


Online Ordering – Easy-to-Use & Easy-to-Love

Various forms of technology are used to expedite processes and enhance customer experience with an eye toward convenience. So far, online ordering is one of the most effective types of technology we are accustomed to – thanks to its superior benefits in terms of customer experience.

Annual growth in restaurant orders digitally is 23% since 2013 and as predicted a couple of years back, the volume has grown three times in 2020. And, let’s not forget the Coronavirus pandemic. 


Save Time for All The Parties Involved.

Back in the days, it was a choice between simply setting meals for takeaway and delivery or taking up lots of time preparing customised orders on call. Now, with a little help from technology, one key benefit of an online ordering platform is that you may have your pie and eat it too.

In the current year, 44% of diners claimed that they would order meals more often if restaurants can deliver food faster, online ordering systems enable restaurants to perceive consumer’s desire for quicker and more efficient service.

The customer gets to customise their toppings, flavours and select meal drinks on the online ordering system’s menu without taking a minute of your staff’s time and without any pressure from the servers roaming around. Since it’s all automated through your own online ordering system and integrated to your POS partner Oscar, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just do the more important tasks and wait for the orders to arrive.


More Efficient Operations With Online Ordering Systems.

Ordering online improves efficiency by eliminating order errors. By giving complete charge to the consumer placing an order, you can streamline your operations and improve productions, leaving no room for errors.

With bigger orders, less employee involvement, more time saved, and a bundle of other advantages gleaned from the adoption of online ordering systems, your business’ operations will be optimised for good and at a better level of efficiency.

Getting these platforms into your business operations is not difficult. Your POS provider can have an online platform ready to integrate with your Oscar online ordering system.


Extract Powerful Analytics & Supercharge Your Business

The analytics provided through the smart dashboard provides an add-on to your business. You will be able to understand what your requirements are.

You can obtain real-time data about your customers, their location, abandoned cart information, and other offerings. You get to know what they order and what they prefer. Location-based data can help you strategize your marketing campaigns and boost your sales. 


Key Takeaway

When you add to the table a simple feature like a handy online ordering system, you’re enabling yourself to skyrocket your probability of boosting sales and increasing your business’ profit.

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