FBR Signs an MoU to Integrate POS System

As prime authorities in Pakistan move towards the idea of “Digital Pakistan” to facilitate citizens nationwide, the Federal Board of Revenue has also decided to introduce a new Electronic Device [...]

The Rise of eCommerce Industry

Ever wondered why the world is shifting towards mobile usage? Did it ever occur to you to think about what the actual case is? Simply put, it’s all about the comfort and convenience that people [...]

Will eCommerce Overtake Traditional Retail?

With the technology showing us the way, the traditional mechanism of business is changing and e-commerce is becoming more and more popular. Commonly known as electronic commerce or internet [...]

Impact of Online Ordering Systems on Businesses

Online ordering systems have evolved as a must-have thing for both restaurant and retail industries, especially after the pandemic. Over the years, we have discussed the importance of online [...]

Online Ordering System as a Secondary Revenue Stream

It’s hands down the most popular question any business owner has: why do we need custom-based software when third-party delivery services such as FoodPanda, CareemNow, Cheetay, and others exist? [...]

How Online Ordering Affects Your Profit?

Approaching the latter half of 2020, it’s absolutely safe to say that online orders generate significantly more revenue for your business. It’s such a well-established fact that we don’t even [...]

Cost Cutting With Online Ordering

Online ordering is not just any product or feature of your business. It is – in fact – a whole new revenue stream that brings along a bunch of other features that will help you to [...]

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Online Ordering Systems

The technology-driven era has completely changed the landscape of brick-and-mortar stores. Today, due to the unexpected growth in the e-commerce industry, so many businesses are looking for the [...]

Turn One-Time Shoppers into Repeat Customers

A common misconception for consumer brands is that the marketing process ends at the point of purchase. Instead, smart businesses recognize that a customer’s lifetime value — or the net profit [...]

How To Make Your Store Mobile Friendly

As a brick-and-mortar retailer, you have the advantage of connecting with customers in person, and putting a face on your brand can go a long way when it comes to forging strong relationships. [...]

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