Online Ordering System as a Secondary Revenue Stream

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It’s hands down the most popular question any business owner has: why do we need custom-based software when third-party delivery services such as FoodPanda, CareemNow, Cheetay, and others exist? Online platforms are quite an investment while using third-party services is free.

The answer is: Using third-party software means paying forever. Although it generates great profits during the first few years, you fail to obtain a key factor that helps restaurants’ growth and success.

However, an online platform is more than just a website and an app. They’re your richest secondary revenue stream — the first is definitely your restaurant to serve your customers. How can it introduce money? Here are some ways it can double or even triple your profits in just 15 days or less, depending on how quick you want it to be.


Raises Brand Awareness

Your online ordering system is a true reflection of your brand. For instance, customers feel the way your waiters cater them before their orders arrive and recommend meals to go along with their primary choices with auto-suggested additional meals or add-ons based on high-sellers.

Additionally, a website and app will use the similar mood and emotion customers will find at your physical store. And since it’s open 24/7, your website and app become your virtual restaurant and the only exception that customers can enter at any time because there are no closing hours – not anymore.


Convenience for the Loyal Customers

Your online service is accessible 24/7, and you can always put a pause to delivery operations when your restaurant is closed or no riders are available. However, setting up your own dedicated online platform is enticing to the audience because they won’t be paying additional delivery charges to third-party ordering services.

FoodPanda, CareemNow, Cheetay, and others charge customers delivery fees with respect to distance. Therefore, if your eatery is kilometres away, people will think twice before using a third-party delivery app. However, if you have fixed rates or even deliver free-of-cost for huge bulk delivery orders, then the deal becomes even more attractive.


Promote Existing Dishes and Introduce New Ones

Applications often do this: they suddenly send an attractive push notification a few seconds after you log in to your account. Online ordering system only requires your customers’ accounts. Then, you can automate promotions and offers of your best-sellers as the majority of your customers prefer. Also, this makes it easy to suggest new dishes you’ve just come up with. 


Better Communication With the General Audience 

Online ordering system is linked to a website customers can log into and place their orders. In addition to this page, you can introduce a blog, stories and news section where you can communicate about your brand’s achievements, direction, plans, and much more.

To be honest, customers are curious about the direction and upcoming plans especially if they find your food awesome. You can add publications about how your dishes were featured in a news article, TV segment, or anything else. The more customers notice you for your achievements, the more likely they perceive your brand as trustworthy of delivering an exciting adventure.

Get your Online ordering system set up by Oscar in one day only and start getting your online orders today. It’s so simple, no need to learn a software and no need to hire an additional resource. The system is designed to make your work easier and install a secondary revenue source for your business.

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