Cost Cutting With Online Ordering

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Online ordering is not just any product or feature of your business. It is – in fact – a whole new revenue stream that brings along a bunch of other features that will help you to establish and grow your business.

Setting up an online ordering system is simple, quick, and a great way to bring more revenue into your business. Looking at the curve of the number of people using the internet to check business information – restaurants especially – and examining details about online food orders, a restaurant online ordering system is important – perhaps more than ever.

Do not get confused thinking about an online ordering system as some new product. Here we are talking about a resource that is market-ready, has been tested, and utilized by several restaurateurs to obtain better results for their businesses.


Let’s consider the following scenario

You have had a very hectic day at work. Now, you are completely exhausted and terribly hungry. Upon opening up the refrigerator you find containers with no food, so now you are angry too.  Just getting back from work tired and in no mood to go out you decide to pick breakfast cereal to eat.

This might be an extreme case but still, a situation which everybody can relate to and nobody wants to find themselves in. During the last couple of years, online ordering has been helping businesses solve this problem for millions of people around the world. 

An online ordering platform like Oscar has this functionality to make ordering more efficient for your customers and skyrocket your business in the process.

Would you like to boost sales and save operational costs in your business? Let us show you some of the most popular strategies of cost-cutting with your in-house online ordering platform.


Why use third-party online ordering services when you have your own online platform?

Cut Costs Per Every Transaction

Yes, we understand the marketing benefits of third-party services such as FoodPanda or CareemNow can offer. However, when it comes to the frequent fliers that have been ordering regularly from us, it doesn’t make sense to charge per-transaction that are supposedly paid for driving new business. Instead, an online ordering platform is a better and long-term solution that can help build relationships with customers and curtail costs.


Your resources might be able to perform other important tasks than handling orders from calls.

Focus On Dine-In Customers

An online ordering system does exactly as its name refers, allowing your audience to order directly from the menu or item list displayed in the online ordering portal. No need to waste resources on taking calls and manually confirming them again later on and still making errors. 


Minimize delivery costs on each order

You Can Choose When To Deliver

One popular aspect of Oscar’s online ordering system is its integration with third-party delivery service providers. You can easily reduce costs by choosing either to deliver the order through a delivery partner or settle it in-house. This comes in handy if your customers are mainly residing in a small radius around your store or eatery. This also allows you to save per transaction delivery costs during off-peak hours when the restaurant can utilize its in-house resources for delivery.

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