Oscar Udhaar: How to Sell More With Store Credit

Store credit has the power to do many things. It’s more than just another payment option for retail customers — it can help boost retention and inspire brand loyalty. You can increase spending [...]

Lower Retail Expenses Without Killing Product Quality

Reducing expenses is an important issue to tackle. On one hand, cutting costs can happen in a variety of ways. But on the other side, you could be sacrificing quality. For many retailers, product [...]

How to Offer Retail Discounts Without Slashing Your Profits

Discount promotions are one of the most common approaches for increasing retail sales. But just because discount promotions are popular doesn’t mean they’re always effective. Lowering your prices [...]

How To Make Your Store Mobile Friendly

As a brick-and-mortar retailer, you have the advantage of connecting with customers in person, and putting a face on your brand can go a long way when it comes to forging strong relationships. [...]

The Significance of Diversification in a Retail Business

In the business industry, diversification is an important step that some entrepreneurs believe it necessary to be taken. Diversification basically means to branch out into different product [...]

POS System: Your Next Best Business Adviser

Running a business is no easy task; you’ve got a lot more than just setting up shop to worry about. Sales, inventory, marketing, employee management – the list practically goes on and on. [...]

Staff vs. Software: Who Rules The Store?

The business world has seen some truly dynamic times; from depending entirely on manual labor, to moving towards machinery, and then finally entering the technology realm – to say that it [...]

What Consumers Really Want From Retailers

In the bigger picture, we often assume that customers want nothing more than their products coming at them cheap and fast. Though it’s logical, it’s also far from the truth. In reality, customers [...]

Benefits Of Embracing E-Commerce

In a world as dynamic as ours, simple brick-and-mortar retailers are finding it hard to survive. With consumers wanting nothing short of fast transactions and easy yet exciting customer journeys, [...]

Turn Customer Feedback into an Acquisition Strategy

After you’ve conducted surveys for all your customers to complete, and have received all results, you’re left asking one question: now what? The answer to that lies in your acquisition strategy. [...]

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