Oscar POS: Advanced POS System for Salon Management

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Salon management is an essential part of the beauty business. Maintaining the efficiency of your business by providing customers with top-notch services helps you grow your business. There are certain perimeters that compel customers to choose a particular salon over the rest. These parameters, in the long run, decide customers satisfaction. The key to keeping them satisfied is efficient salon management.

If you are keeping the records of your customers in registers, it’s not only prone to errors, but there is a high risk of losing your entire data. For instance, if you are jotting down the booking details in a notebook, and you miss a page for whatever reason. It will create a negative image of your salon. Your customer may never return to you after having such an experience.

Oscar POS for Remarkable Salon Management

You need to gather all the booking appointments, inventory details, and sales records on a digital platform. In order to gain your customer trust and make them return to you, you need an advanced POS system. Oscar POS is the best POS system in Pakistan that helps you with the complete management of your salon business without any hassle.

Incredible Salon Management with Oscar POS

Packed with the incredible features of stock management, staff management, multi-outlet monitoring, sales tracking, data analytics, and others, Oscar POS FBR plays a fundamental role in salon management. Let’s dig a bit deeper to evaluate the role of Oscar SRB POS that can be beneficial for your salon business:

Monitor your Inventory

The excellent features of Oscar SRB integrated POS system let you get complete information about all your stock. It helps you keep appropriate inventory levels to keep serving your customers without running out of stock. The best thing about Oscar POS inventory management is that it sends you alerts for low stock whenever any of your stock reaches an average level. So, you can order that before running short of it. In addition, it prevents overflowing inventory as excess stock expires once it reaches a specific date. Those creams, gels, cosmetics, and wax are of no use after they expire, and it will lead to your business loss. But the exceptional inventory management of the Oscar POS SRB puts a stop to business loss.

Manage your Employees

Keeping a check on your workforce is a challenging task. From marking attendance to paying them salaries concerning their working hours is tedious. But the Oscar POS system comes with an excellent staff management feature that helps you gauge your team’s performance. Whether it’s a receptionist, hairdresser, or makeup artist, you can monitor all your employee performance through Oscar POS SRB on a single device.

Track your Sales

Running a salon alone is not enough. You must know about the progress and sales you have made on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The Oscar FBR POS helps you evaluate your sales and progress through its exceptional integration. It keeps you updated with daily closing balance and performance by generating EOD reports.

Get Deep Insights into Salon Management

With manual methods, you can never get deep insights into salon management. But the Oscar POS FBR is an advanced POS system that enables you to dive deep into your salon’s data. It helps you identify the top-selling service with respect to occasions. For instance, many customers go for a special facial from your salon on Eid. It will help you with additional discounts and special offers on specific services from your deals brochure. In addition, you can send personalized Emails and SMS to your loyal customers to inform them about upcoming discount offers.

Enhance Customer Service

The speedy checkout and accepting a variety of payment methods enhance customer service. Oscar POS SRB offers you to automate pre-bookings and appointments to skip the hassle of waiting for your customers. Furthermore, the remarkable CRM tools in Oscar POS system enable you to identify your customer preferences and choices. Keeping them updated with ongoing offers and sending them alerts about their preferences help you build customer trust and increase customer return.

Manage Multiple Branches

Managing more than one outlet of your salon is no longer a hassle if you have the Oscar POS system installed. Oscar POS FBR helps you maintain efficiency in all your salon branches with a set of advanced features. Using the cloud-based Oscar SRB POS, you can separately monitor each location’s performance, sales records, inventory insights, and other important data sitting anywhere at any time.

Oscar POS system is undoubtedly the best system to run all your salon operations smoothly. Whether it’s your stock or employees, Oscar POS SRB helps you keep an eye on what’s happening in your salon. You can easily review the entire data within a few taps through Oscar POS FBR. It provides you with all the necessary tools required for efficient salon management. The basic version of Oscar POS is entirely free of cost. Furthermore, Oscar POS system is extremely secure and easy-to-use Point of Sale software. You can visit the website to learn more about the Oscar POS system or take a free tour to check out the most popular features.

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