The Rise of eCommerce Industry

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Ever wondered why the world is shifting towards mobile usage? Did it ever occur to you to think about what the actual case is? Simply put, it’s all about the comfort and convenience that people are enjoying by using these devices. The smartphone trend has been increasing since it’s compatible with mobile apps if compared to desktop or laptops. 

We all know how badly people are crazy about shopping. But in the case of online shopping, the whole experience becomes much more enjoyable and full of fun.

E-Commerce is a massive source that is growing at an extraordinary rate all over the globe. People from every age bracket whether they are kids, millennials, or old folks shop from different e-stores. 

Online shopping, to the majority of people, provides a better experience as compared to shopping at physical stores. The reason behind this is simple as the internet is loaded with websites and apps focusing on e-commerce, it has become easier to find stuff on e-stores that would take days to find physically. In the years to come, it is expected to the level of certainty that the growth of the e-commerce industry will increase – perhaps more than ever. 

The pace of online shopping on the radar is increasing beyond measurement and this is driving business owners to focus on keeping up with their position in this race. 


Basically, there are 6 types of e-commerce:

  • B2B: Business-to-Business
  • B2C: Business-to-Consumer
  • C2C: Consumer-to-Consumer
  • C2B: Consumer-to-Business
  • B2A: Business-to-Administration
  • C2A: Consumer-to-Administration

Let’s study some of the major trends driving e-commerce globally


Data-Driven Approach

Living in a technology-driven world, it is essential to keep an eye on numbers. If you know customers’ needs, you will be able to make the required changes in your e-store. With the help of real-time technology, you can study consumer behavior and analytics present on your e-commerce site. For example, online ordering systems for restaurants and retail can gather some deep consumer insights that will help you understand your audience and grow your business. 


Mobilized Shopping Strategy

With mobile devices, everything is much more flexible and easier than ever imagined. Now, each one of us uses mobile phones for performing and getting distinct results simultaneously and instantly. 

In today’s era where technology is evolving every single day, it is important now more than ever to match the user requirements. Even if you are a startup or an established entrepreneur, having a strong online presence of your business is mandatory. Of course, when it’s about shopping, people love to buy from various e-stores. E-Payments are also becoming popular and more flexible to buy products and receive smooth delivery at your place.


A Rise in Subscription-Based Selling

If you want to improve user interest in your online store, try a subscription-based selling process. This provides greater command on engaging with the loyal ones as they are always looking for new offers or profits. On your e-commerce store, you can sell any product which is used by customers on a daily basis. This category includes food products, cosmetics, and more such items. Offering a subscription to consumers will provoke excitement in the whole shopping experience. It has a potential benefit for both customers and business owners to extract profit from subscription-based selling.


Key Takeaways

It’s pretty common now that the eCommerce sector is growing at a Ferrari’s pace across the Globe. New technologies are emerging and it is essential to adapt to the new business environment with the current technology. Following the latest trends will get you to your destination in less time. If you can’t follow, make your own and let others follow you. 


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