Protect Your Business in Coronavirus Outbreak

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You probably know about the deadly Coronavirus spreading across the world. So, unless you are living in a dream (which doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now), gear up. Businesses are seeing a decline in sales, revenue, and traffic along with many people losing their nerves over it.

So, what are business owners supposed to do? Panic? Please don’t. Planning? Yes, please.

You need to take some precautionary measures to protect your business. You need to stay strong, produce some positive vibes for your staff and employees and of course use some hand sanitizer in the process. You will need it. 


Where to Start off?

saving your business during the outbreak means much more than giving your business a good scrubbing. It also means that you can prepare your business for the worst-case and keep your employees well-informed. 

Here we have collected some tips for every type of business out there. Use these tricks and fight for the business that you have given years of hard work. Let’s dive in.


Create A Plan

As coronavirus travels from country to country and city to city, more businesses are putting efforts in place to protect their companies. A key precaution many organizations are taking includes creating or revamping a contingency plan. If you haven’t drafted a plan yet, it’s time to take a step forward. 

A contingency plan not only defines what steps your company should take if an outbreak impacts your business. It also analyses what measures you’re taking currently to protect your employees and business before disaster strikes.

Make sure to put down the following points in your plan:

  • What steps you’re taking now to protect employees 
  • What to do if an outbreak hits your organization
  • Is there a point of contact in case of emergency
  • Worst case scenario, what happens if your business is infected


A Work From Home Policy

If you haven’t thought about a work from home policy, this is the best time to do so. With coronavirus in every city, businesses are finding alternative ways to keep employees away for a while and avoiding contact. 

You may have tested the waters before and allow employees to work from home. Or, maybe it’s a whole new ballgame for your folks. 

Depending on your industry and business, you may not be able to afford the luxury of working from home. Maybe you’re short on equipment. Or, maybe interaction with customers is part of a job (e.g., nursing).

If you can, consider work from home policy. Include terms like employee eligibility, remote procedures, and guidelines.


Inform Managers About Updates

No one likes being left out of the stories, especially when something like the deadly coronavirus takes charge. When it comes to protecting your business, you must communicate with the upper management and keep them updated. 

To hold it all together during the virus’s outbreak, you have to do your homework. Check the Government’s website every day for information about the outbreak. And, don’t forget to check your local news for details about the spread and regulations related to coronavirus. 

After you do your research, convey that information to managers and supervisors as soon as you can. That way, they are up to speed about the situation and where your business stands.


It’s Time!

Businesses are experiencing a hard time as many countries are put under lockdown. In this situation, the most ideal approach is to figure out what could work best for you. Oscar will help guide you through this. Continue your business with Oscar’s point of sale system now.


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