How Does Online Ordering Help Businesses?

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The coming age of the restaurant businesses has a square relationship with online ordering. With new food delivery services popping up each day, restaurateurs have to find a way to compete with giants in the industry.

If you haven’t done it already, it’s high time you make your business online ordering ready because it is an effective way to increase your restaurant’s sales and revenue. Do it before it’s too late to penetrate into the market and add it to your services.

The question asked in this article, “Does online ordering help boost business?” is actually contagious. So, not only do we answer this question, but we’ll also share some practical tips for doing online ordering efficiently. Let’s dive in.


Get More and Bigger Orders

As soon as you start taking online orders, you will – for sure – notice an increase in the average order size. The reason behind is people usually order more when ordering online for various grounds including:

  • Since they’re already home, they don’t have to take leftovers home
  • Sometimes, customers order extra for lunch the next day and that’s the best part of the day. I enjoy it, do you?
  • There is no pressure of the waiters roaming around. There’s ample time to explore add-ons without worrying about standing in lines or reserving a table.
  • Well, in some cases, diners are embarrassed to order extra when dining out. But at home, the delivery guy doesn’t know how many people are eating.


Gain and Retain More Loyal Customers

Your customers can order ready-to-eat meals online from several sources. This justifies the convenience of eating at home for diners and for you to install online ordering as quickly as possible.

Increase their loyalty to their favorite restaurant. You can offer them choices, deals, and discounts but most importantly – online ordering.

Digital ordering makes it simpler for your audience to order from you whether they feel like staying indoors or getting some fresh air.

By offering online ordering, you let customers know you care and eventually increases their loyalty. You can also offer loyalty programs and online-only deals to incentivize customers further.


Your customers and your staff benefit from the increased efficiency when you offer online ordering. This is how:

  • Don’t need to pay extra staff.
  • Ordering from smartphones has become easier more than ever.
  • Customers don’t have to wait on the telephone on hold for a person to take their orders and eventually, fewer chances of making an error
  • Employees can do other important tasks while online systems take orders with a higher accuracy


Smart Dashboard Provides Analytics

Can you find out how many times Ahmed Ali visited your store this quarter? Probably not. However, you do know the number of times Ahmed ordered from you online.

Not only do you know his ordering rate, but you also know what he ordered, when he ordered and his contact details to connect with him in the future.

Using information such as what people are ordering lets you figure out easily which of your items are popular and which are broken.

You can then simply update, add or remove items based solely on customers’ demands.


Final Thoughts

Launching an in-house online platform, for instance – Oscar online ordering system – not only increases the number of pickup or delivery orders you receive but also increases your order size and customer loyalty.

Online ordering is the wave of the future. Your customers want the ease of take-out and delivery. They don’t want to leave the comfort of their own homes, so it’s up to you to satisfy their need for convenience with online ordering.

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