Why Are PPC Ads So Important For Your Business?

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Before we dive into the plethora of importance and effectiveness that PPC marketing adds to your business, let’s quickly go through the basic understanding of what PPC advertising is.


What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click, an online marketing channel where the advertiser pays a specific sum of the fee each time the ad gets clicked on the search engine. A search engine is software that uses keywords or characters to carry out web searches. In our case, the majority of the time the search engine is Google.

It is basically a quicker method of paying for visits to your websites rather than getting the visits organically.

The purpose of PPC advertising is to reach targeted audiences faster by keeping the specific options marked of who can see your ads and when someone performs an action on your ad, only then you pay for your ads.


Measurable & Trackable

A major benefit of PPC ads is that it’s easy to comprehend and analyze shortcomings and strong points. Simply use the Google Ads tool along with Google Analytics.

The performance of your PPC ads is no mystery. You can easily read the stats and determine your campaign results and what kind of traffic or audience they are driving for your budget.


Quick Entry & No Dependability

Even if you’re years behind your competitors on cashing into PPC marketing, you can be operational quickly with a little bit of optimization. People often confuse PPC with SEO efforts, which generally take a lot of time to earn the same positioning and traffic that Google Ads delivers within minutes of launch.

When compared to other platforms like social media, email, and organic, you have the advantage of targeting people who are already aware of your brand, and you are no more limited to your existing customers.


You’re the Boss

While there are options to use default campaign settings, you also have ultimate control over an extensive range of options to reach your potential customers. There could be multiple options to choose from such as keywords research or placements to target and how restrictive you want to be.

You also have a lot of budget flexibility if you want to start small. You can set your own ad budget and bids, and choose what you’re willing to spend (though you have to pay at least close to a market rate to play in most cases).

If you’re getting positive results, you can set the wheels in motion immediately. And if you’re scaling down, you can always stop your ad spend right away. 


Works Well With Your Marketing Goals

Content marketing has taken over the digital marketing world by storm and producing original and unique content to support the customer buying cycle is the norm in most businesses. Having said that, Google Ads runs with an algorithm that can bring more visitors to your content and improve the ROI on your investment.

PPC and SEO can go side by side assisting each other as the opportunities for traffic are often to the same audience. The data collected from impressions, clicks, and conversions from PPC Ads can provide great insights and a road map for the keywords research to prioritize SEO efforts.


Still Not Convinced for PPC ads?

Try your own strategy to figure out the risk of Google Ads compared to other organic and paid sources of visitors you’re currently using. 

For example, you can put the cost of PPC marketing up against what you’re currently spending for similar management and development activities in organic search, email, social, and offline marketing channels. See the results and decide for yourself. 

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