Here’s Why Nostalgia Marketing Works

 In Customer Relationship Management

There is no doubt in the fact that nostalgia is one of the many emotions that all human beings experience. As a fully-functioning society, we all have memories that revisit us from time to time and make us fondly remember the good old days. So when businesses strum this heartstring of customers with nostalgia marketing, they end up moving their very cores.

So why is it that nostalgia marketing works so well? Let us find out:

Reach Hearts Of Your Customers

By adding a nostalgic flair to your marketing campaigns, you can spark a range of emotions in your customers. This creates a sense of familiarity through your promotions, which allows people to relate to your brand on a much deeper level. Hence, you can develop a strong bond with them that goes beyond simple monetary gain, and they will feel compelled to purchase from you, simply because of how you reached their hearts before their wallets!

Show Your Genuine Side

All brands have an image they sell to their audience – but who is to say that the image you’re portraying with a price tag is authentic?

In truth, it is only the customer who can judge for sure whether your brand is genuine or not. However, the simplest trick in the book is this: the more human your business is, the more real you feel. Hence, by adding an element as humane as nostalgia into your promotional content, customers will consider you as more down-to-Earth, and so will gravitate towards your business, driven purely by positive emotions.

It Makes People Talk

In the marketing world, you want your campaigns to create a buzz about your business; with just a simple poster, a billboard sign, or even a Facebook post, you want multiple audiences to talk about it, and hence spread the word about your brand.

Simply put, the best way you can start this conversation among potential customers is by sharing something relatable – and what’s more relatable than a common memory? For example, the renowned tech brand – Adobe – took it upon themselves to rejoice in the memory of the late Bob Ross in a series of nostalgic tutorials marketing their new “Adobe 

Photoshop Sketch.” Such creative and nostalgic marketing methods help spark a conversation among people, eventually spreading like wildfire. As a result, your brand’s exposure – and eventually the customer pool – also increases.

How Do You Make The Most Of This New Loyalty?

Once you get the loyalty of customers, you must maintain it for as long as possible. This means engaging with them on platforms like social media, giving them a great in-store experience, deliver them with their demands, etc. Another smart way you can turn your customers’ loyalty stronger is by rewarding them.

A modern Point Of Sale system like Oscar POS has a Loyalty Program that allows you to reward customers for purchasing from you with points, which they can eventually redeem in the form of offers, deals, or gifts – the choice is yours. The simple act of showing some appreciation shows customers that you care, making them always choose you over others.

Nostalgia marketing, in its essence, is all about rejoicing what once was; once you understand your audience’s mindset, you can easily execute simple yet creative marketing campaigns that will strike not only your customer’s wallet but also their heart.

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