Top 4 Sales Tricks Of Today

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The business world is getting more competitive with each passing day. Now it’s not about who can sell the most; it’s all about who can sell the smartest.

We’re here to tell you some good news: you don’t have to be an expert in this field. All you need to know are some great sales tricks that you should have up your sleeves at all costs.

Let us share the top 4 most popular ones out there:

#1: The Scarcity Illusion

People tend to flock towards things they know are running out. So make the most of this survival instinct in your customers, and emphasize the scarcity of your products, especially new releases. Add special buzzwords in your promotional content like “Limited time offer!” or highlight a deadline for the validity of a great deal, and see the difference yourself. Customers will be compelled to purchase more because they don’t want to feel like they’re missing out on something big.

#2: Upsell By Getting Personal

Although all customers have a fixed grocery list in their minds, you can always convince them to feel interested in something else. This method of upselling may backfire if you sound pushy or robotic – but there’s a new way to do it, too.

Instead of shoving every kind of product under the sun right at your customers, instead ask them a simple question: “What’s something you’re interested in?” Let the customer share their likes and dislikes so that you can suggest a product you know they will like. This kind of interactive way of upselling helps build a stronger bond with your customers, allowing you to confirm their loyalty along with their sales.

#3: Give Free Samples

Who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?

Your customers definitely will! So instead of keeping your new releases or fresh products to yourself, share free samples around the store. Customers will feel special when they receive that little gift, and will, in turn, want to return the favor by purchasing it for the betterment of your business. This not only increases your sales but also helps you develop a stronger bond with your customers. Plus, it helps make your customers feel much more valued than at any other store.

#4: Go Beyond The Store

The customer’s journey typically ends by the time they leave your store – but who says that has to be an end?

Don’t limit yourself to interacting with your customers just within your physical store. Reach out to them through other media; interact with them through social media, send them updates about deals and limited-time offers they might be interested in through SMSs, or share a simple appreciative email – anything works! This shows that you have not forgotten your customers, and care about them. They will feel more appreciated and hence will keep on coming back to your store.

While this sounds tough to handle, it doesn’t have to be – not when you have a good Loyalty Program.

Loyalty programs like the one offered by Oscar POS are great at remembering your customers for you. It helps you reward your loyal customers with points, which they can retrieve in exchange for a deal, offer, gift card or even a free product entirely. Additionally, it’s got a CRM system that allows you to save their vital information like names, contact numbers, email addresses and the like securely; you can use this information to reach out to your customers even if they’re not in your store.

In conclusion, it is your customers who make sure the money keeps on flowing in your business. With these four sales tricks, you can now ensure a steady flow of profit – and success – for yourself.

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