Create a Flourishing Customer Community from Scratch

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In our current day and age, consumers are becoming increasingly empowered, and expect customer service to be as good as the product they want to buy. In most cases, no matter how good your product is, if you don’t deliver a good customer experience – then you might as well kiss their loyalty goodbye.

That’s why customer service is slowly standing out as yet another “make-or-break” factor for any business. It’s more efficient to get two birds with one stone – which is why businesses have started creating their own customer communities.

What’s the point?

Customer communities are the spearheads that drive customer satisfaction, retention, feedback and connection, all in one package. They help create a collective voice for the customers, allowing a business to react and comply swiftly. They’re an added bonus for marketing teams, who use customers’ inputs and create an output to reign in more people.

All in all, it helps show consumers that your business cares from the heart. However, even the most successful businesses started their brand communities from level zero – it may seem hard, but it’s not impossible.

Here are sure-fire strategies that’ll help you build a flourishing customer community from scratch:

Consider the needs of your customers:

Before you start anything, you need to ask yourself the golden question: “What is it that my customers want?”

Do they want a solution to a specific problem, or do they just want an easy way out? Do they expect to meet other people with similar interests, or do they want to simply interact with your company for a good time?

Whether you’re tech-oriented or entirely reliant on customer interaction, it is vital that you realise how you want your customers to impact your business – should they directly drive your sales, create solutions, or just improve customer satisfaction?

Once you have aligned your business objectives, pick a good community platform. If you have a good app and efficient UI developers, then you could essentially build your own community platform where individuals with the same interests can interact and give feedback. However, if you’re just starting out, using social media platforms – Facebook Groups, for example – is also a stable option to go for.

Capture their conversation

Once you have reigned in enough support from people on a specific platform, they are bound to have a conversation. And that’s where you have to tap in.

Take note of their conversations about your product/service. Be open to their advice; however different their point-of-views may be, they will surely give some valuable insight in the end – maybe your product lacked in terms of execution, or maybe your company did not have an above-par customer service. This also helps you keep an eye out for loyal customers, who can further promote your brand.

Remember – to solve the problem is one thing, but to improve on a situation with execution and feedback is important for the success of any business.

Track metrics

After all, is said and done, it’s time for the support team to see whether their efforts are bearing fruit or not.

Analyse metrics like monthly page views, unique visitors, total engagement, and more. See how many people are active, and how often do they carry out conversations with one another. For a flourishing community, you need to make sure your efforts give an even better result. Include every possibility for your customers to give feedback.

You can analyse feedback directly through feedback reports offered by POS machines in Karachi like Oscar POS. It’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System allows you to tap into customer sentiments almost instantly so that you know what they think about your brand. It offers everything that a perfect CRM system should.

The reason why consumers gravitate towards communities is that they act as a single, bold voice of the customer. They show that a business is not all talk, and actually values the customer and their input. And once you’ve latched onto their loyalty, success is all yours.

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