The Best Legal Structure for Your Retail Business

When you first open a retail store, there’s a lot to do. Finding your space, designing your store, ordering inventory, inventory management system, etc.But before you do any of that, you have to [...]

Keeping Up With Demand: Tactics to Boost Productivity

Whether you’re accepting orders in-store, at markets, pop-ups, or festivals, customers now expect impeccable customer service and lightning-fast delivery. With so many retailers offering free and [...]

Validate Your Retail Business Idea With a Focus Group

Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of running with an idea before running it past their potential customers. So, how does a business ensure their product or service will gain traction, [...]

Get Your Customers to Buy More By Pressuring Them Less

The art of the upsell means taking a sale from a transaction to an interaction, from a conversion to a connection. Doing so makes a big difference, it dramatically impacts your customer’s [...]

Endless Aisles: How They Can Help Retailers Keep Up

Considering the competitive state of the retail world, retailers want to offer your customers as much product selection as you possible. For the ecommerce portion of your business, it’s a bit [...]

How to Craft a Loyalty Program Your Customers Won’t Ignore

Customer loyalty programs have been a mainstay in the retail marketing world for some time now. They’ve helped retailers achieve multiple milestones, and they’re successful for a few reasons. For [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Invoices

An invoice is a document you send to collect money owed to you for services you’ve provided or items you’ve sold. Essentially, an invoice is a bill that shows a specific order’s supplier, [...]

How to Turn Brand Awareness Into Retail Sales

Turning a potential customer’s brand awareness into a sale essentially means you’re helping them move their way down the conversion funnel. So, if you’ve recently received some exposure that [...]

Store Audits: How You Can Complete One Efficiently

Whether your retail business operates one location or a dozen, store audits are an effective way to monitor how you’re doing. From examining the effectiveness of your displays, keeping your [...]

How Tracking Customer Purchases

Many retailers focus on looking forward and seeking new, fresh ways to make more sales. But it’s easy to get lost in the possibilities because there are countless things you could try. It’s hard [...]

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