Know Your Numbers: Why Analytics Matter

No matter what kind of business you own, you always have one thing in mind: success. That is justified; every business owner wants to make a lasting impact on their communities – even small [...]

Digital Transformation: More Than Technology

The advent of technology has made the world face a series of dynamic changes, which go beyond the scope of just convenience. People are quick to assume that technological advancements are limited [...]

How To Manage Your Customers With Oscar Lite

Small setups like kiryana stores have much and more to do in order to keep their customers loyal. They usually serve communities, which is why they have to show strong trustworthiness, so that [...]

Pros And Cons Of Multistore Management

As a business owner, you’re always thinking big; you’re always searching for ways you can grow your business. From one store to a dozen, you don’t want your success to have a full-stop. While [...]

The Many Pros Of A Digital Customer Phonebook

Kiryana store owners are all too well aware of the infamous Customer Register. Just as the name suggests, it is a paperback journal that has all kinds of details a store owner needs: customers’ [...]

How To Manage Inventory With Oscar Lite

As a business owner, you might have realized that inventory management is tough, regardless of the size of your store. In fact, small stores usually get the shorter end of the stick because they [...]

How To Communicate Like A Boss

There are a million and more ways to lead a team – but the one thing every great boss has in common is this: good communication. Good communicators can relay their thoughts, opinions, ideas [...]

4 Business Trends That Are No Longer In

Companies that latch onto popular trends are often the first ones to excel to great heights of success. That’s why it’s important for businessmen to keep their eyes peeled for the latest [...]

How To Manage Udhaar Easily With Oscar Lite

Many small businesses rely on a credit system in order to keep their setups up and running. While such a Khata system does help keep customers committed to a business and keeps their relationship [...]

How To Differentiate Your Business

Whether your business is small or big, you’re bound to face the problem of struggling against more successful competitors. The only way you can hope to succeed is if you can differentiate your [...]

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