The Many Pros Of A Digital Customer Phonebook

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Kiryana store owners are all too well aware of the infamous Customer Register.

Just as the name suggests, it is a paperback journal that has all kinds of details a store owner needs: customers’ names, contact numbers, remaining Udhaar amounts, and the like. While it sounds like a simple enough solution, in reality, this method is obsolete. Any kiryana store owner would agree that the task of manually writing names and contact details, along with updating Udhaar amounts with every purchase can be a hassle.

The best solution is Oscar Lite – a free Udhaar app that does most of the heavy lifting for you. It’s got its very own digital customer phone-book, that has many benefits:

Record Udhaar Seamlessly

Oscar Lite’s customer phone-book lets you record Udhaar for multiple customers at a time, so that you don’t end us using the wrong credit amount for the wrong person. Plus, it’s built-in Udhaar calculator makes sure any value you put in is always right, and you don’t have to worry about random errors.

Keep Udhaar Updated

No longer do you have to skim through pages just to update someone’s credit with every purchase – that’s an old method, and must be replaced with something new.

A digital customer phone-book shows you every customer’s Udhaar amount clearly, with the value updated with every purchase. And if someone wants to pay off their entire Udhaar, you can do that by simply clicking on “Pay Now”. This kind of simplicity when it comes to dealing with both old and new sales is just what every kiryana store owner needs!

Keep Vital Information Stored

You can do a lot more than just manage Udhaar with Oscar Lite’s digital customer phone-book – you can also store important information like full name, contact number and email address. Plus, you can keep it all stored in a single system, so that you don’t lose it anywhere else.

Connect With Customers Easily

Another hassle kiryana store owners have to face is reminding customers of paying their dues. While it’s something they know they have to do, it can get troublesome – especially if they’re met with angry customers in return.

Fortunately, a digital customer phone-book makes it easy for you to remind them via text, so that you don’t seem intrusive.

Oscar Lite has many more benefits than just a digital customer phone-book – it also has inventory management, sales, analytics, and product listing, all in one free app. It is a great solution if you want to transform your kiryana store.

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