4 Business Trends That Are No Longer In

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Companies that latch onto popular trends are often the first ones to excel to great heights of success. That’s why it’s important for businessmen to keep their eyes peeled for the latest ever-changing trends, and avoid outdated ideas.

The problem with obsolete trends is that often times they seem fine on the surface level, and you don’t realize the damage they do until it’s too late. We’ve made things easier for you by compiling 4 business trends that won’t work for you:

Print Ads

As an advertiser, the popular belief used to be “the bigger, the better”. While the notion of big billboards and flyers still sounds interesting, the reality is that print media is losing its flair. More often than not, people glance at billboards and posters, only to forget what they were looking at moments later. With a world as fast paced as ours, you need an advertising medium that follows people. Social media platforms are the best way to run advertisements that last longer and are easier to interact with.

Generic CTAs

All call-to-actions (CTAs) do one job: convert interested customers. However, a simple “Download” or “Call now” is no longer the most convincing method of conversion. People nowadays crave personalization in their customer experience, because they want a journey that is impactful and memorable. That’s why impersonal CTAs are going out of trend, and are being replaced by more personal, tailored CTAs that suit every customer’s needs.

Defending Your Old Niche

It’s common practice to defend the pillars that have helped set you up to begin with. However, if that very niche is what’s slowing down your progress, then you might want to review your business approach.

The best example is of Blackberry, a business that had gained popularity in 1998, but had set itself for failure when it refused to step out of the QWERTY keyboard, even when the people clearly knew what they wanted: larger touchscreens. This shows that you should always focus on what your audience want from your business. Be creative, and learn to adapt with your customers’ changing needs. Instead of sticking to your roots, grow by taking calculated risks!

Never Enough Tech

The technology industry has seen many amazing developments, like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, smart algorithms and more. While they have helped automate almost everything in the customer journey, the fact of the matter doesn’t change: customers still crave authentic interactions. That’s why the trend of excessive use of technology in business endeavors has died down. More focus should be put in giving customers a real experience where they can talk with employees or support teams; in the end, personal touch strengthens customer relationships, and inevitably drives sales.

Automation works when done in moderation. The best example of such a system is the cloud-based POS software. A great example is Oscar; this POS system in Karachi has multiple management systems like inventory management, CRM system, accounting software, recipe management, and more. Such a solutions helps your run your entire store using one platform, thereby making everything easier for you and your employees.

In the end, business success is a lot more than just capital – it also includes smart decisions made at the right times.

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