The Ultimate Retail Experience

In an era where online stores like eBay and Amazon are enabling people to purchase products with just the click of a button, retailers need to step up their game and offer experiences that online [...]

Employee Management Tips

Do you ever feel that your workers need a little push? Or they could do better but need a little polishing? And if your answer is yes then you’re at the right place, keep reading. This blog [...]

Culture Hacks at Oscar

Work isn’t something we should dread. We spend 8 – 10 hours per day at work, which is literally 1/3rd of our lives. It’s only logical that our work should make us happy. At Oscar, we [...]

Customer loyalty: Pros and Cons

Customer loyalty is when the customer prioritizes your brand over any other brand, based on their previous experiences with you because of which you’ve managed to gain their trust and loyalty. [...]

Make It Happen

Our life is filled with countless challenges, and each path we take has its own set of ups and downs. Don’t let the curve balls discourage you, step out of your comfort zone and on to the batters [...]

Be The Good That The World Needs

When you care beyond yourself, be it the environment or the people in it, you feel good in doing good which automatically increases your productivity. One great way to contribute positively to [...]

3 Proven Ways To Attract Traffic

In the world of social media, where with the right tactics you can go viral with just a click. Why not take advantage of this? Opening an online store has many benefits to the entrepreneur [...]

3 Ways to Deal With Off-seasons For Your Restaurant.

All sorts of restaurants face a certain offseason, a predictable or at times a very unpredictable time where restaurants start dropping their usual sales, and for an extended time period. Be it [...]

What’s stopping you?

In a world filled with doubters and procrastinators, be a believer and doer. There will always be someone or something stopping you from achieving your goal, and telling you that you cannot do [...]

3 Types of Customers and How to Cope up with Them

Customers are the most crucial part of any business, they could either make or break the business. Having a good customer relationship management system is very important for every organization. [...]

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