3 Proven Ways To Attract Traffic

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In the world of social media, where with the right tactics you can go viral with just a click. Why not take advantage of this? Opening an online store has many benefits to the entrepreneur themselves. As they don’t really have to open an outlet that cost them a fortune or even worries about its maintenance and a lot more. Simply manage everything with just a click!

Wondering how to drive customers to your online store? Well, then this post is for you. We’ve put together tactics of all kinds, so you could reach out to maximum customers.

Now, let’s get that traffic coming.

  1. Integrate Instagram:

Did you know? The average order value via marketing on Instagram is $50.00 (Rs. 5,000). Using the right hashtags at the right times, can drive so many people to your page but make sure you keep your audience engaged. Ways to engage with your audience? There are various ways! Start a campaign, hold contests, give away a sample of your product for free asking people to tag their friends and family under your post and ask them to follow and spread the word. Ask your customers to share pictures of them using your product with hashtags that are solely generated by your product. These user-generated photos will show potential customers that you currently have happy clients which will then drive more customers.

  1. Capture Email subscribers:

In online marketing, email is one of the best options at your disposal. It outperforms all your social media channels for generating sales, it keeps your customers aware and engaged, drives in more traffic to your online store and supplements content marketing. According to a recent research and surveys, 70% of people make use of coupons or discounts, 60% admitted that they subscribe because they get special discounts from businesses. Keep in mind that despite the countless facebook posts, tweets, or Instagram pictures. People cherish messages or email that have been sent to them personally. So, when your store is giving special discounts etc, more people would be aware of that fact when they would subscribe to your emails, which will drive more customers.

  1. Reach to press/bloggers and influencers:

Look for people who have a considerable amount of people following them. You can send in samples of your products to them, for example: hand out skin care products to a beauty blogger and ask them to review it for their followers. People follow bloggers/influencers and wait for their reviews before buying something because they don’t want to waste their money on something with bad reviews. Another method would be putting your business in the press, even though you might not have a big shot from big newspapers or sites but there is a chance of getting press from local news sites and community papers. Put your product in a blog or story and make sure your blog/story is catchy enough to catch the attention of people.

Once you adapt these ways there’s a great chance for a good number of people driving into your online store, just be sure to put in your best and the best will happen.


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