Customer loyalty: Pros and Cons

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Customer loyalty is when the customer prioritizes your brand over any other brand, based on their previous experiences with you because of which you’ve managed to gain their trust and loyalty.

Giving attention and focusing on customer loyalty is very beneficial for online retailers and etc. At time’s, true loyal customers get attached to your brand. They became the biggest tool for your brand driving in a huge number of customer acquisition.

POS software sure knows how to gain customer loyalty through their very trusty programs. They are reliable, user-friendly and so much more efficient than your usual conventional ways.

However, everything has its pros and cons and it’s better to be aware of them beforehand. So, before we jump to ways that would effectively use offers to maximize customer acquisition, let’s look into some.


* Increased customer loyalty

* Meet sales goals

* Easy and quick to implement

* Increased conversations

* Increased customer acquisition

* Customer retention

* Data collection

* Customer satisfaction


* Attract random customers

* Decreased margins and profitability

* Decreased conversions outside of sale periods if customers would have to wait

* Tendency to reduce average order size

* Tendency to drive in non-loyal shoppers

Keep in mind these factors and then further move on to using offers etc, stay tuned for our next blog on customer acquisition.


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