3 Types of Customers and How to Cope up with Them

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Customers are the most crucial part of any business, they could either make or break the business. Having a good customer relationship management system is very important for every organization. Each customer is valuable, different, and shall be treated accordingly. There is a vast array of people with different characters attracted to different things. Some would prefer a good location, some low prices, some would look for good loyalty programs and some people would actually prefer a good cooperative staff. This is one of the reasons that make retail business fun to work in, you deal with different people on a daily basis and explore different traits and personalities.

Every customer enters with a different trait and different expectation. As a retailer, the first and foremost job is to satisfy the customer and cater to their needs.

To tailor your customers’ distinct approaches accordingly, we’ve tried to help you out and compiled a list of types of customers that are most encountered by retailers and how to cope up and deal with them the right way.

Have a look, below:

1. The Customer on a Mission:

These customers have already done their research and are well aware of what they want, they simply get in and out your store getting what they needed without wasting any extra time.

How to help customers on a mission?

Activate your senses and as soon as you spot the shopper that falls into this category. Make sure you make the shopping process for them as simple as possible. For instance, if you see a long check out line and checking out is taking too long, open up another handy POS system on another counter and help them out as fast as you can.

2. The “Just looking around” Customer:

These are shoppers that were just wandering and looking for something and maybe something eye-catching in your store caught their attention and they decided to look into more stuff or the other purpose could be that they are just killing their time.

How to do deal with wanderers?

Customers like these should not be disturbed more often. They should be acknowledged but to a certain extent, not to the point where you start annoying them after every 5 minutes asking them if they want something or etc. If someone tells you that “they are just looking” make them feel welcomed and respond positively or casually tell them about your latest stocks or etc. You can say something like “We’re more than happy to have you look around. I’m Ahmed and I would be at your service whenever you need me” or “I understand, just to let you know this pile of clothes are on sale and there we have our latest stock”. Other than making sure that your store is presentable, consider having easy-to-grab items that would encourage impulse buys for these types of customers.

3. The Confused Customer:

These are the types of customers that aren’t exactly sure as to what they want or are unable to decide what to buy. This mostly happens when customers know too much or too less, also if they are double minded because of the price.


How to deal with the confused one’s?

Customers that fall into this category need extra attention. Ask them questions as to what they’re looking for? If they want to know about something or want any sort of help on what your product is? Or is it actually what they are looking for. Be sure to judge their needs and tailor your answers accordingly and convince them into getting on what they are thinking twice on but with that, you need to keep in mind that you aren’t supposed to prod the customer to come to a conclusion. Your main aim is to provide them with the knowledge they need but in a smart way that makes them feel comfortable and not pressurised. Be honest, if you think the product is not catering to their needs let them know even then so they’ll learn to trust you and might even visit you again which is better for the long run. If they think the product or item they want is too pricey, with the help of your POS system, ask them to sign up for emails/loyalty programs. So, this way promotions would be targeted at the right time and you just gained a loyal customer who would stay updated with what your store has to offer.


Hopefully, this was of some use and showed a clear picture on how to deal with such customers in a way that benefits your business. If there is a certain type of customer troubling you and you’d like to know such details on how to cope with them. Let us know and we’ll try to fix your query as soon as possible. Thank you!


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