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Work isn’t something we should dread. We spend 8 – 10 hours per day at work, which is literally 1/3rd of our lives. It’s only logical that our work should make us happy.

At Oscar, we optimize for team happiness and customer happiness. We do this by ensuring we get to play and learn new things on a daily basis. We share traditions, cultures, and values

Fortunately, we have managed to create an environment which is rooted in transparency and friendship. This allows us to work together as a family, and create a unique culture at Oscar.


Lighten up, work will get done

At Oscar, we try hard to maintain a healthy work environment which allows us to be productive and have a great time.

To have fun during the day, PlayStation and Ping Pong sessions are now an integral part of our day-to-day activities. FIFA dominates screen time 🙂

We started hosting company-wide FIFA tournaments, and it’s amazing to see how it brings a sense of camaraderie and togetherness.

Find your FIFA!


Appreciation is the best way to express gratitude

All of us work hard and try our best to maintain work/life balance. However, with every company, there are times when things hit the fan and folks need to work longer and harder.

To express gratitude to folks who go above and beyond (a subtle reference to our favourite record label – Anjunadeep baby!), we give them extra love with cash rewards.

Folks who hit the ball out the park, they go on the wall as ‘Rockstar of the Quarter’.


We huddle, we whiteboard

We know very well that no single person has all the answers. We huddle with our customers and huddle with our team, to get feedback and build out Oscar POS such that we have the best POS system in Pakistan.

Interestingly, Oscar’s POS software has been designed based on continuous feedback from customers and the team. Oscar provides the freedom for all of us to think creatively, which drives team happiness and helps us deliver a great product.

It is Oscar’s culture, which drives team happiness and makes us rock out of bed every AM.

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