Be The Good That The World Needs

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When you care beyond yourself, be it the environment or the people in it, you feel good in doing good which automatically increases your productivity.

One great way to contribute positively to the environment is using less paper and preserving trees. This shall slow the pace of global warming and pass on a healthier, safer world to future generations.

One ton of paper costs 17 trees. By opting for an eco-friendly path you can choose to cut fewer trees. Each tree helps reduce global warming by capturing and holding carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

Some ways you can adapt and reduce paper usage are

1- Follow the golden rule, think before you print

2- Recycle/reuse paper, save paper in your workplace

3- Use technology, i.e. POS systems for e-receipts

Do good & good will come back to you. Don’t wait for people to change, make the change happen.

“You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change.” – Tim Cook (Apple CEO)

How does Oscar do its part to care?


  • We optimize for a paperless office environment. Think we last purchased printer paper years ago
  • We encourage all our customers to use our e-receipts technology
  • We encourage the use of tablets in restaurants and replace paper with tablets, which reduce a lot of paper wastage.
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