Women In Tech: Interview With Cloud10 Scalerator

In the November-December 2018 issue of BEntrepreneur – an entrepreneurship magazine stemming from Bahrain – the Director of Oscar, Myra Ali, took part in an interview with Cloud 10 [...]

The Truth Behind Pakistan’s “Silicon Gali”

“Silicon Gali” is a word Pakistani entrepreneurs have come to use to allude to the legendary Silicon Valley – i.e. a region where tech startups are born, and tech giants like [...]

Revolutionising The Old Ways Of Payment

The café we’re talking about is The Watch House, in London. It exists like any typical hipster café would; with shelves lined with bread, and baskets of fruit placed discreetly, it exudes a [...]

How to Increase your Cellphone Store’s ROI

When you want to increase sales for your mobile phone dealership business, you often get lost in the fray of many complicated things – inventory audits, tax payrolls, stock levels, balance [...]

Case Study – Chester Bernard

OVERVIEW Chester Bernard sought to build a better foundation for its business operations as an enabler for business growth. However, the company’s point-of-sale (POS) capabilities had certain [...]