Women In Tech: Interview With Cloud10 Scalerator

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In the November-December 2018 issue of BEntrepreneur – an entrepreneurship magazine stemming from Bahrain – the Director of Oscar, Myra Ali, took part in an interview with Cloud 10 Scalerator, where she discussed the concept behind Oscar, and the prospect of more women in the technology industry.

She began the interview by explaining the idea behind Oscar – i.e. what inspired her to create this Point Of Sale, and how it could become a complete digital solution for business owners, both big and small. She further described how Bahrain posed a great launching pad for further business development, thanks to its mature and active market.

Myra Ali further described the challenges faced by women in the tech industry: how women tend to feel like they have to work extra hard to prove something, and hence feel like they’re not meant to be there. She further encouraged their bold and confident involvement, since she highlighted the gender gap in the technology industry.

She ended the interview on a high-note, describing how the world is set to see a modern technological world, and so should celebrate more entrepreneurs.

Read the entire interview here.

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