Make The Most Of Ramadan With These Marketing Tricks

The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner, and Muslims all around the world are preparing themselves for a month of blessings, piety and perseverance. Business owners also have their [...]

Ramadan: A Crucial Time For Businesses?

This month, the holy month of Ramadan will finally begin: a month filled with prayer, contemplation, and charitable work. Muslims all around the world fast during the day to learn how to be [...]

Promote Your Kiryana Store On A Budget

No matter how big or small your kiryana store may be, you still have one thing on your mind: business success. However, sometimes budget seems to be an issue. Instead of giving up your dream of [...]

Women In Tech: Interview With Cloud10 Scalerator

In the November-December 2018 issue of BEntrepreneur – an entrepreneurship magazine stemming from Bahrain – the Director of Oscar, Myra Ali, took part in an interview with Cloud 10 [...]

Improve Restaurant Sales Even During Ramadan

We all welcome the holy month of Ramadan with open arms, where Muslims from all parts of the world fast. worship and feast as one. Because of that, it changes the dynamic for restaurants [...]

The Right POS Features For Your Kiryana Store

No matter how big or small your kiryana store may be, every store owner wants to see their business excel. They want to see their efforts pay off in the form of profitable sales. Of course, that [...]

Top 4 Challenges in the Logistics Industry

The transport and logistics industry is known for supporting not only the general population, but also other businesses. Whether it be product supply, trading, or simply pick-and-drop services, [...]

4 Kiryana Store Metrics You Should Know

As the owner of a small store, you’re often caught in the mix between the amount of inventory you want, and what you need to sell; how much product do you need, and how much will you be able to [...]

Here’s Why Your Store Needs A Credit System

No matter how many ideal business models you study at school, the real deal is never ideal; in reality, the business world has many obstacles, and twice as much competition to beat. In fact, [...]

Fight Or Flight: How To Prepare For Economic Recession

When it comes to a capitalist economy, it’s pretty prevalent – and pretty unpredictable. You never really know when the stock market could crash and send your business reeling into an [...]

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