Here’s Why Your Store Needs A Credit System

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No matter how many ideal business models you study at school, the real deal is never ideal; in reality, the business world has many obstacles, and twice as much competition to beat. In fact, retail stores have to survive a race where the dynamic continuously changes – and so does the customers’ sentiments.

The only kind of brand that can survive – and win – is one that adapts the most to the customers’ wishes. That includes offering a credit system, where customers can pay a small amount of the total, and repay the rest at a later date.

It might seem counter-intuitive to provide a service as lenient as that – but you’d be surprised to know just how many benefits you and your store will be gaining:

Better Customer Loyalty

Offering a credit system allows you to gravitate closer to your customers. They begin believing that you trust them to repay their due amount in due time, and so develop a long-lasting respect for you and your business. This way, the likelihood of them revisiting your store increases dramatically.

Increase In Sales

Again, this sounds really counter-intuitive. But in truth, giving your customers the freedom to complete their payment in their own time is a great way to get more loyal customers. This will help you generate more sales, as people will begin preferring your business over your competitors. This way, you will be gaining an unbeaten edge over everyone else, with little to no excessive effort.

Show Stability

A store that offers credit to its customers is one that doesn’t have to rely heavily on its customers to get revenue. This shows an air of stability, and creates a lasting impression on other competitors, especially those who do not offer this service. Furthermore, customers themselves seem impressed of this kind of stability, and feel assured to invest in such a business more.

Improved Popularity

Let’s face the facts: a customer who enjoys a store experience, will definitely talk about it.

This talking is what will spread the word about your business to more interested ears, and will inevitably increase your reach to a wider audience. Furthermore, it will build a more positive image of your brand, so that even more new customers come flocking to your business.

Small stores may find it difficult to shift to a credit system almost immediately – so for them, the best solution is to get an application made to handle just that.

Perhaps the best credit monitoring app you’ll find in Pakistan is Oscar Lite. It’s Udhaar management system allows you to automatically calculate Udhaar, and record it with the customer’s information stored in your Customer Phonebook. The best part about it is that it’s free, so that any store owner can get access to its many benefits – as long as you have a smartphone, and a goal to make your business excel.

Your store’s size should not decide your chance to win the race to success. All you need are the right tools, and your dreams.

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