The Right POS Features For Your Kiryana Store

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No matter how big or small your kiryana store may be, every store owner wants to see their business excel. They want to see their efforts pay off in the form of profitable sales.

Of course, that can’t be done without the right tools – or rather, the right POS features.

Now, if you own a kiryana store, and feel yourself shy away from the intimidating Point Of Sale, then hear us out for a second. No doubt, some POS systems can become too overwhelming to handle, with complicated management systems and even more complicated directions.

However, we’re here to clear the air – here’s exactly what POS features your kiryana store needs:

Inventory Management

Managing a store can be tough on its own – worrying about manually counting, recounting and then recording inventory at the day’s end and beginning is a headache most store owners don’t like handling.

An inventory management system solves the problem by automating the entire process; not only does it keep stock levels updated in real-time, but also helps you identify which product is running out, and which one is collecting dust. This is extremely helpful, as it helps you spend money only on those products you need – not those that you want. You’ll also gain a better view of products that are popular among your customers, and which ones aren’t.

Product Management

When you have a lot of products stacked on your shelves, it becomes hard to track them all – especially if you have many variations of the same product.

Here, a product management system helps you set all your products into one unified system, so that you can track their entire performance. By setting custom barcodes, you can make it even easier to locate your product, without having to waste time skimming through towers and towers of product!

Fast Transactions

You might trust your cash register for all your sales, but POS system’s functionality of transactions is far more superior. POS systems in Pakistan like Oscar are cloud-based, meaning transactions can be done fast and accurately. This eliminates the chances of long, tiring queues of people, that can turn off even the most loyal of customers.


Gone are the days of clunky cash registers – now, customers enjoy a modern experience a lot more. And turns out, you can deliver that without investing too much money on expensive desktops and equipment.

If you pick the right app, even a simple smartphone can run your entire store.

And Oscar Lite exists for just that function. It’s seamless UI and cloud-based software allows you to conduct sales, complete transactions, record customer data and order inventory, all directly through the Oscar Lite app. It also has its own Udhaar management system, which lets you calculate, record and update Udhaar for as many customers as you want; no longer do you have to worry about wasting paper, pen and precious time.

If you’re equipped with the right business tools, and a smart software, then your store is set for success!

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