Case Study – Chester Bernard

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Chester Bernard sought to build a better foundation for its business operations as an enabler for business growth.

However, the company’s point-of-sale (POS) capabilities had certain limitations that inhibited its connection across its stores, as well as its growth. To bring a constructive solution, Chester Bernard collaborated with Oscar to bring seamless cohesion across all its five stores in Pakistan.


Oscar POS devised an action plan that had been geared to fulfil two requirements of Chester Bernard:

  • a software which could operate on multiple stores
  • barcodes for different variations of each shirt

Oscar POS presented a dashboard to monitor sales and inventory of Chester Bernard monthly or yearly. This was designed to present data pertaining to multiple stores, and display them comprehensively – either individually for each store, or accumulated into one organized layout.

Oscar also took the initiative to generate specialised barcodes for multiple variations of each shirt (including sizes, signatures, and categories) so that Chester Bernard had an accurate idea of which specific product a store had, and which required restocking. This optimized their business by giving them control over their inventory and sales across all their stores.


With a well-integrated software designed to run their business smoothly, this action plan let Chester Bernard pave their way towards expansion, ultimately leading them to launch their brand beyond Pakistan.

Chester Bernard actively advocates Oscar’s strategy, because it helped their company excel in their industry. The application by which they could track their sales and inventory allowed them to have an updated understanding of their products without misinformation or miscalculations, thereby offering the best solution.


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