The Truth Behind Pakistan’s “Silicon Gali”

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“Silicon Gali” is a word Pakistani entrepreneurs have come to use to allude to the legendary Silicon Valley – i.e. a region where tech startups are born, and tech giants like Google, Apple and Facebook flourish. It is the hub of most technological advancements, land where dreams turn into reality.

To find such an institutionally and resourcefully rich place could be found in a country like Pakistan – it sounds more like a dream than anything else. However, the tide has shifted. Now, people have brought that word to life after last year’s 021Disrupt – an annual technology and entrepreneurship conference in Karachi. In this conference, ideas were pitched in, and concerns were voiced: it was discussed how Pakistan’s entrepreneurial landscape has been too shaky for any startup to flourish.

Despite the negative implications, there is still much hope; the mere fact that such a topic of discussion is now being brought to high-level conferences is proof enough that now, entrepreneurs are expecting more out of their country. Now, they are willing to further the conversation themselves if nobody else will.

People are willing to pave this Silicon Gali themselves.

So how do you form a Silicon Gali in Pakistan, and how should it flourish? What factors do you focus on in order to convert the idea into reality?

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