Layaway Plans: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

With holiday season on the rise, sometimes retailers can find themselves in a slump: consumers prefer less expensive purchases over the more costly ones. In order to clinch good sales before the [...]

Cloud POS: Next Best Thing For Quick-Service Restaurants

We’re seeing the cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) rise to popularity in the restaurant industry – and we’re not surprised. The benefits it offers are endless: high speed, high functioning [...]

Cognitive Intelligence For Businesses: A Smart Move?

Cognitive Intelligence has taken the technology world by storm, being a great topic of conversation among tech-savvy people. Even more alarming, however, is how it has become a popular buzzword [...]

Make Your Work Environment 10x More Productive

Just like a machine that cannot function unless its parts work well, a business cannot flourish unless it’s workforce work together. However, one fact must be clear: no matter how superhuman your [...]

How To Grow From POS Reports

When both small and large companies lose clunky cash registers for the more sleek and modern POS system, they get a lot more than fancy tablet-based software: they’re getting a wealth of [...]

Revolutionising The Old Ways Of Payment

The café we’re talking about is The Watch House, in London. It exists like any typical hipster café would; with shelves lined with bread, and baskets of fruit placed discreetly, it exudes a [...]

Anatomy Of A Good Pharmacy POS System

With how tech-savvy the business world has become, the old methods of clunky cash registers, pen-and-paper transactions and slow accounting have become obsolete. Both the layman and the [...]

How To Make Your Business More Environment-Friendly

Across the world, people are becoming more conscious about the repercussions excessive human activity has on the environment. Thankfully, so are businesses. Slowly and surely, companies around [...]

Cloud-based POS system: Yay Or Nay?

Cloud computing has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Fairly recently, it has also stepped into the business world, and has incorporated into point of sale (POS) systems – [...]

Best Ideas To Increase Profits In The Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is becoming increasingly competitive: a consequence of people steadily expecting quality from not just their cars, but from the overall experience as well. If you have [...]

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