Cloud POS: Next Best Thing For Quick-Service Restaurants

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We’re seeing the cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) rise to popularity in the restaurant industry – and we’re not surprised.

The benefits it offers are endless: high speed, high functioning and high quality – everything that a good Quick-Service Restaurant (QSRs) needs. In fact, a good cloud POS is just what a QSR needs to find success.

Here are some reasons why:

Streamlined Operations

Cloud POS systems are infamous for being simple solutions; they remove the complexities that come along with servers, computer networks, time-intensive setups and overall maintenance. Everything is automated so that all the brains of your business stays up in the cloud.

QSRs find this ability beneficial since they heavily rely on speed: they need fast back-end and front-end functions, which a cloud-based POS system can achieve successfully.


A QSR stands out because of how dynamic it is; it’s fast-paced, and always has to keep up with the latest trends. A QSR that’s slow in the race is one that won’t get to see the light of success.

In order to keep your business dynamic, you’d need to invest in a POS system that’s just as active. Cloud POS systems can integrate different management software for all your business needs: inventory management, accounting system, and customer relationship management are just to name a few. This flexibility allows QSR owners to be in control of every aspect of their business.

Insightful Insights

When you’re running a QSR, you’d want the best tools you can use to grow and
maximise profits.

A POS based on the clouds is one that offers one such useful tool: a reporting system. This is a system that tracks purchases, sales, inventory and overall business functions, and records them in the form of comprehensible, easily accessible reports. The metrics are always accurate, and the data is always exact. The best part is the fact that QSRs can handle reports from multiple locations at the same time, in one single platform. That way, they are in full control at all times.

Minimise risks of data loss

No matter how big or small your QSR is, one slip-up can always make you lose valuable data. Almost every kind of business is afraid of this potential for data loss, and every business owner is on the lookout to reduce this threat.

Luckily, cloud-based POS systems offer this solution – because it operates on an internet infrastructure that can access data remotely. This allows for automated data backing and syncing; furthermore, cloud-based servers offer high levels of security through encryption. That way, a business doesn’t have to worry about losing key information.

Reduce Labour Costs And Worries

Since QSR depends on speed, the same is expected from all other work functions – that includes inventory, sales, and more. However, your staff is susceptible to inaccurately recorded stock levels, or unrecorded sales; time spent trying to fix those issues is quality time wasted.

Fortunately, cloud-based POS systems completely cut this issue with full automation. Traditional POS systems almost entirely dependent on human input, they are the most susceptible to human error. Cloud-based solutions eliminate this human error and automate time-consuming work like inventory count or sales management. That way, you don’t have to waste time, energy and money overtraining, recruiting and extra equipment – your solution will be present right on your fingertips.

These are just some of the many benefits cloud-based POS systems offer. Oscar POS is one POS in Pakistan that has an edge, mainly because of its top-notch management systems. It’s Inventory Management System not only keeps your stock levels updated in real-time but also prevents mishaps like dusty inventory, low stocks and pilferage from ever occurring.

Furthermore, something that any QSR would look forward to would be a great Recipe Management System, that gives you full control over your menu and ingredients. That way, you can be sure you deliver with fully flexible menus and delicious meals for your customers.

No doubt, cloud-based solutions have taken the business world by storm, and are ultimately the next best thing for QSRs all over the world.

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