Make Your Work Environment 10x More Productive

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Just like a machine that cannot function unless its parts work well, a business cannot flourish unless it’s workforce work together. However, one fact must be clear: no matter how superhuman your employees are, they won’t work well unless they’re surrounded by productivity.

Here are some smart ways you can promote a high-yielding work environment:

Change Environment – Physically

If you want to improve your work environment, you need to work on it from scratch – and we mean physically!

Analyse your work environment, and ask yourself the important question: what things can you work without? If there are some desks, extra chairs – or even an odd-looking vase – that you don’t need, then get rid of it. De-cluttering space and creating an open area helps to promote work ease.

Next, increase the amount of lighting inside the room. Bad lighting can cause health problems like eyestrain and headaches – a direct contributor to inefficient work. Natural light is better, so keep windows open to let sunlight enter in. If installing windows is too much of a hassle, then there are other ways: warmer-tone lights help promote calmness and relaxation, without compromising on productivity.

Finally, work on equipment. Desks and chairs must not be old, rundown or too uncomfortable to bear; make sure you include lounging furniture like sofas or bean-bags so that your employees have proper resting places. Furthermore, supply them with updated technology – software and hardware included – which allow your employees to work fast.

Offer Flexibility

People working for your company want to be able to do things their way, and not conform to a cookie cutter cut-out. You as a business owner must comply, and offer them a good amount of flexibility.

If an employee has come on time for a long while, give them an early leave for a day; if someone has worked exceptionally well, give them a complimentary day off; if someone prefers working from home, then give them that freedom. The technology of today makes sure productivity is never compromised even if your employees are in their own homes.

Such flexibility in the work environment doesn’t hamper productivity – it actually boosts it! In such an environment, you’re allowing employees to have their rules, without you controlling their every move. This reduces stress and overworking tendencies, and will help them maintain interest in their projects. Simultaneously, you’re also letting employees know that you value them and their efforts, thereby making them even more committed to the spirit of your company.

Embrace Their Voice & Efforts

Before they are “employees”, they are “people” – they have a voice, and if they’re working for your business, then you must listen closely.

“When you involve your staff in decision-making in an effort to create a better work environment, they feel valued,” says Samantha Lambert, director of human resources at Blue Fountain Media.

And that is true. Start by conducting surveys, questionnaires, or even informal meetings with your employees. Voice out your business motives, and individually ask employees for their thoughts, opinions and suggestions. Be as open as you can; this kind of constructive culture includes everyone, and ultimately boosts productivity.

Apart from that, you should also give them reinforcement as well; conduct separate meetings with them, and let them know how they are performing: how well are they doing, and where do they need improvement. It’s really easy to ‘baby’ your employees in hopes of not wanting to offend them, but that is not advisable: constructive criticism is the key to growth.

Furthermore, let employees know that their efforts truly do help your business grow. Let them know that their efforts are valid and genuine and that you are proud of their development. This way, employees feel empowered to work better.

How Should I Start?

That is simple – invest in an employee management system. Oscar is one POS software that has a great employee management system, which you can use to track your employees’ performance: total sales they have made, total time spent for the day’s shift, and much more. This way, you’ll have a better look at where your employees need a good productivity boost.

Every business has its own way of running things. But the equation does not change: a productive environment = a productive workforce.

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