Anatomy Of A Good Pharmacy POS System

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With how tech-savvy the business world has become, the old methods of clunky cash registers, pen-and-paper transactions and slow accounting have become obsolete. Both the layman and the businessman have felt the need to modernise work functions, and keep up with the future.

That’s why point of sale (POS) systems have become the next best thing – they offer many benefits to any kind of business. For pharmacy stores, however, the decision to pick a POS system has to be thought through. Although most bonuses sound tantalising, they often don’t last very long – you need a solution that eases business functions in the present and in the future.

Here’s what the ideal Pharmacy POS System should have:


Scalability Capability

(When it rhymes – you know it matters!)

Like any business, a pharmacy in stagnation won’t ever become successful. It must grow to adapt to different trends and prevailing advancements – and investing in a POS system that can’t do that is a waste of money.

The POS System you choose must be easy to use, and should be able to integrate different software as per your requirement. Moreover, for a booming business, it should have a proper multi-store management system that lets you link up as many stores to a single platform as possible.


Chances For Opportunities

It’s fine to invest in a POS system that caters to your current needs – but it isn’t enough.

The technology you spend your hard-earned money on should not keep you fixed to one spot – it should allow you to find new opportunities to increase profit, manage sales better, and become overall efficient. That’s why your POS system should have enough room for customisation, so that you’re never left in the race.


Multiple Management Systems

Perhaps the most important reason POS systems have become so popular is because of the multitude of management systems integrated within the single platform. Such systems are synced so well, that they never let your business lag behind. Some important management systems your pharmacy will need are:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – A smart POS system should not only care about your store, but should also care about your customers.

Sure, a pharmacy was never elaborate to begin with – but your customers should feel valued for choosing your services. That’s why a good CRM system allows you to reward loyal customers through discounts, offers, gift cards, reward points via a Loyalty Program, and a lot more.

Reporting System – A POS system is not called the brain of your business for nothing.

These software are built specifically to record all your data in real-time, and produce valuable reports for sales, inventory, taxes and the like. Cloud-based POS systems give an edge by allowing employees to reach said-reports from anywhere, at anytime – all it takes is a login into a mobile application.

Accounting Software Managing your store is hard enough to handle on your own. Worrying about accounting is an entire burden in itself.

Thankfully, POS systems nowadays are able to manage accounts for you. With built-in tax calculators, expense trackers, and full automation of sending out invoices and purchase orders, these integrated accounting systems allow you to be in full control. It’s like having your own professional accountant!

Inventory Management – A good POS should keep your inventory optimised to the max – we’re talking about real-time inventory updates, manageable product catalogues, accurate warehouse reports and a lot more.

POS Systems like Oscar POS take inventory management a step further by including automatic low stock alerts in its plethora of benefits – that way, you know what to reorder before you run out of products. With Oscar, you can avoid menaces like overstocking, low stock, dusty inventory, and even pilferage.

That’s not the only thing this POS in Pakistan offers – apart from having all the aforementioned management systems, it’s UI is simple yet intuitive; it’s cloud-based system makes sure your data is always kept secure, and easy to access. Plus, it’s easy to use, so that your employees don’t have to spend unnecessary amounts of time in training.

In the end, an ideal POS system should be one that makes running a pharmacy not just easy, but also opportunistic. Make sure whatever you pick is one that makes your business soar into success.

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