Get Tasteful Results For Your Coffee Shop With Analytics

When you think of the word analytics, you might think: “numbers I’ll surely gloss over”. And although this might have been the case before you were running your own coffee shop, now things are [...]

Accounting Software For Restaurants: Why It Matters

Kick-starting your own restaurant can be quite the challenge; apart from having good food, good ambiance, and good employees, you also need to have good accounting practices. The reason for that [...]

POS Reports Your Restaurant Should Focus On

There is no denying one fact: modern point of sale (POS) systems are designed to help restaurants flourish in the industry. With interesting features like inventory management, accounting [...]

Here’s Why It’s Time You Upgrade Your POS

When you’re running your business, you’ve got a lot of things on your mind. When there are too many responsibilities wanting to be managed all at once, your quality of work changes from “the best [...]

Digital Signage: Why It Can Transform Your Business

Ever since their popularity, both retail stores and restaurants have made their presences known through print media like billboards, sign boards, brochures, newspaper ads and much more. Although [...]

Why The mPOS Is Worth Your Time And Money

With the onset – or rather, the avalanche – of technology in the retail industry, retailers have found themselves in a frenzied state. All customers want is a seamless experience with [...]

Bonus Points: Why Loyalty Programs Work

Its 2019, and to say that the consumer world is becoming steadily self-aware would be an understatement: not only are people aware of their influence on a business, but also expect good treatment [...]

4 Inventory Management Myths – Exposed!

Inventory management is considered to be one of the major pillars of a successful, self-sufficient business. It is the point where production meets demand – it fuels your business with [...]

Pakistan & Its Economy – Enroute To Success?

Pakistan is no stranger to economic instability; due to a selective justice system, an unstable business environment and overall political instability, the country has not had a chance to succeed [...]

What They Don’t Tell You About Legacy POS Systems

When you hear the word “legacy”, you’re often filled with a feeling of pride – only something grand could be called a legacy, right? Well, when we’re talking about the term in technology, [...]

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