Here’s Why It’s Time You Upgrade Your POS

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When you’re running your business, you’ve got a lot of things on your mind. When there are too many responsibilities wanting to be managed all at once, your quality of work changes from “the best of the best” and slowly slips away into the “good enough” region.

And if you think your ageing POS system is “good enough”, then we have to stop you there.

Even the slightest update in your POS system can improve your bottom line tremendously, so why risk letting your business run into obsolescence along with your equipment?

If you’re still not convinced, then let us give some reasons why it’s time you upgraded your POS system:

Threat To Security

Hardware and an operating system have to be intricately linked in order to work – if this link fails, so will the entire system. As a result, you’ll find all your valuable data and information on the verge of a cyber attack at any moment.

The only way you can fix outdated technology is by upgrading it – and that’s when it becomes necessary that you strengthen your technological forts against any foreign attacks.

No Actionable Data

Every entrepreneur wants their business to flourish – but it is not possible if you don’t have accurate analytics from your POS System.

Older POS setups fail to sync real-time data with data from earlier days, meaning any information you’re getting is too outdated to be functional. A good POS System should be able to view your store’s data from both the present and the past, and display it in a holistic manner; even better POS systems can show prevalent trends so that you know where your business is standing in terms of success.

Hardware Issues

When your POS system grows old, so does your hardware equipment. This results in frequent malfunctions that more often than not disrupt your work flow. Whether it’s the receipt printer not working, or your barcode scanner refusing to cooperate – in either case, precious time, energy and money is spent on fixing the same old equipment.

This clearly shows that you’re spending your money on the wrong things. If you were to invest in an up-gradation of your POS, then you wouldn’t have to go through these headaches. Oscar, for example, offers POS hardware in Pakistan that integrates seamlessly with a modern, cloud-based software. It is a single platform with multiple management systems – inventory, accounting, reporting, and more – all integrated without the slightest hiccup.

Difficult Integration

Since we’re on the topic of growth, let’s talk about system integrations: in order to make the process of running a business an easy one, it’s ideal to invest in a POS system that can either integrate other management systems with ease, or have them all synchronised into one platform.

Unfortunately, older POS systems don’t offer this functionality; they may link third-party tools, but they won’t make work any easier. You’ll still have to invest separately on different support teams, platforms, and data altogether. This makes everything that much more complicated.

An upgrade to your POS system would solve that issue in no time.

No matter how big or small your business is, one thing is plain fact: upgrading your POS can be the next best money move you make.

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